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Efficiently meeting the needs of multiple dwellings

Market leading district heating technology

Heatweb is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated heat interface units and substations for communal district heating applications. We have an exceptional reputation for quality and performance, and our range of products has been refined over twenty years of continuous development and improvement.

Our HIUs have always stood out from others, having always had the lowest independently tested return performance of any HIU on the market, as per BESA testing, for three years running.

Our substations are designed to exceed even these levels of performance, taking on a host of energy centre related control functions, such as pump control or pressurisation set monitoring, as well as the heat exchange control functions, remote communications, M-Bus, MQTT, and an open-source software architecture.

Better by design

While centralised heating systems continue to gain in popularity, they sometimes fail to achieve the promised levels of operating efficiency because of high heat losses. The design team at HEATWEB has focused a great deal of effort ensuring every possible step is taken to solve this key problem.

Advanced insulating techniques

Reducing heat losses to as little as 2W, or just 1 pence per day.

Automated economy mode

Saving energy when the system is inactive.

Advanced heat exchange

Thermally long asynchronous plate heat exchangers, effective at lower network temperatures.

Reducing carbon emissions through combination with renewable energy sources

Many renewable energy sources, such as combined heat and power (CHP), biomass, extract air heat pumps, waste incineration and solar, can be uneconomical to employ in individual properties, but can be efficiently utilised as part of a well-designed district heating system to provide heat for multiple dwellings.

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