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Heatweb manufactures and supplies high performance, high efficiency district heating substation, suitable for almost any domestic hot water and heating application, from multi-family houses to apartment blocks, commercial spaces and industrial buildings.

Heatweb substations can be made to any size and tailored to the specific requirements of your project, using specified components or our own trusted selection.

Our design engineers are second to none, with a comprehensive understanding of heat network operation from both ends, as well as the latest guidance, and can take almost any requirements and turn them into a working design including product selection, a full 3D CAD model, and a controls outline.

Unrivalled Performance

Our controls logic is highly evolved, providing tight control to target temperatures across a wide range of loads using variable PID characteristics.  For the past three years our domestic twin plate HIUs have achieved the best independent (BESA) performance of the entire industry, and the controls logic in our substations reflects the same unique level of expertise and experience.

Generic Controls

We use generic industrial controllers running an open-source controls environment, that provides for both visual programming and for software code in common languages.  This approach guarantees continued access to the controls logic and operational data, without contracts or the need for specialist training courses, as well as ensuring that the controller hardware cannot go obsolete.

Turn-Key Solutions

Substations are supplied ready for operation, with the controls systems online and remotely connected before landing on site. They can be powered up as soon as power is available, providing solid remote access and on-site controls facilities for both the substation and surrounding equipment such as boilers, pumps or pressurisation sets. Ancillary equipment can be supplied built into substations, for a true drop-in solution.

Open-source control systems

Substations are fitted with our latest NODE iHIU open-source control system, combining cutting edge software capabilities with a wide array of industrial I/O to cover all equipment.

The controls software is simple to access and understand, and makes use of the latest operational functionality including such features as supply temperature tracking, return limitation, advanced duty/assist functionality, and load shifting.

Control panels are factory fitted with the full array of communications equipment, including GSM modem, Ethernet switch, MQTT servers, touchscreen display and  Modbus, and are ready to take on additional functions such as pump control or boiler sequencing.

All open-source and contract free.


Heating Substations

Advanced single or multiple plate substation technology designed to the same standards as our industry leading HIUs, but with a wealth of additional functionality for heat networks, from 100kW to 6000kW.

HiFlow Modular Substations

Advanced modular substation technology using sets of light commercial HIUs of up to 165kW each, combined through manifolds to provide much higher outputs,  greater redundancy, or a mix or services.  Fast response with a very wide range rating.

Cooling Substations

Advanced single or multiple plate cooling substations,  Supplied with standard controls for provision of cooling functions, and comprehensively insulated to prevent condensation.

Substation Kits

For situations where there is no option but to assemble a substation in-situ, for example where plate heat exchanger isolation requires cutting into existing pipework in a tight space, we offer the main controls components in a kit form for rapid on-site assembly.

Details on application.

Hydraulic Substations

Our range of substations are made to order, and are not limited to heat exchange functions. The range of hydraulic skids are designed to provide a turn-key solution to pumping, pressurisation, water quality management, boiler sequencing, and buffer store management, all based around our open-source control panels.

Cloud Management

While substations may operate as stand alone entities, it is usually preferable to have a central user interface that allows all assets to be managed in one place. Our Heatweb open-source controls software runs on almost any cloud based VM (virtual machine) acting as a central MQTT server, and providing data storage, graphical interfaces, graphing and alarm management.

Technical support surrounding heat networks

We have been around a very long time, operating at the bleeding edge of heat network technology. We are the only manufacturer that can state they contributed directly to regulations spanning decades and institutes, having authored both the IOP’s (now CIPHE) Building Engineering Services Design Guide, as well as more recently contributing to CIBSE’s Guide B and CP1 Codes of Practice for Heat Networks.

We are the specialists on diversity, pipework sizing, hydraulic layouts, heat exchange, and thermal storage, and as well as assisting in writing guidance, we also publish vast quantities of knowledge and data on our wiki site, to assist clients wherever possible in realising the best possible performance from a network.

We have many thousands of bespoke, multi-fuel, low or zero carbon systems already running in the field, and it is our proven ability to get disparate systems working in harmony that gave us our name – and is why we are asked to contribute to guidance.

We also have the UK’s largest renewables training centre, covering everything from becoming a HETAS wood burning installer to courses on implementing CO2 heat pump technology into heat networks.

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