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The Heatweb monitoring and control system can operate indefinitely without contracts, with all necessary data storage and service links, providing:

  • user interface and control
  • system monitoring
  • remote diagnostics and commissioning
  • energy management and load balancing

A unique open source approach

Our philosophy is to treat customers the way we would want to be treated… and we carry this approach to the design of our control systems.

We have taken the unique approach of basing our control systems on Node Red open source technology. Why? In short, because it’s better for you – achieve the best possible performance, efficiency and return on investment from our products without having to be tied into ongoing maintenance contracts or licencing costs.

“If it was my plant room, this is the type of system that I would want.”

Richard Hanson-Graville, Technical Manager, Heatweb

System monitoring and network management

Sophisticated and detailed monitoring of all performance parameters, including temperatures, flows, pressures and system status. Text and email alerts in the event of a fault. Can be integrated into third-party management systems, and deployed on a number of platforms, from a Raspberry Pi through to full industrial BMS controllers, or onto cloud servers.

Metering and data collection

Many of our products include heat meters, and we are able to provide a range of services around the collection, processing and delivery of meter data. We do not provide billing management, however we are able to work with any proposed billing providers, to provide them access to meter data as well as an additional layer of HIU data that can prove invaluable when dealing with end-users on the phone who have problems.

Remote diagnostics

Powerful analytical features where all system data can be mapped to one second resolution if needed. This level of detail allows an engineer to easily identify problems, or view system operation.  The ability to graph detailed history on a number of points side by side, offers insights into problems that usually go unnoticed because of their short time cycles.

Monitoring via mobile phone

Our Data Monitor App for Android devices enables the monitoring of any system data while on the move, and also provides Bluetooth connectivity to equipment where no remote connection is available.  Data from our systems can also be linked to a number of home control and MQTT apps, on all platforms, using the industry standard MQTT protocol.


Standard and bespoke sensor arrangements with communications modules, just requiring sensor insertion and power. Sensor types include:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Flow

Data can be connected using a variety of protocols, with MQTT or Modbus been the most common. Various methods of communications can be provided, including:

  • GSM & USSD
  • Ethernet & WiFi
  • Modbus (RS485)
  • M-Bus
  • LoRaWAN radio

Data rates and exception reporting rules can all be specified in order to minimise data use.

Modbus Control Interfaces

A range of bi-directional MQTT to Modbus interface modules that can interface with equipment such as boilers and pumps using Modbus RTU or TCP, as either a master or a slave, using open-source libraries that are completely contract free.   Modules can be pre-programmed with registers to match equipment.

They can also be used to feed data coming from any source into an existing BMS system, as well as provide an additional layer of alarms and calculations on data as needed.  Typical applications include:

  • Control of pump speed using local and remote DP sensors
  • M-Bus to Modbus bridging of heat meter data
  • General temperature monitoring
  • Extraction of BMS control points for remote analysis
  • VPN access to control systems
  • Local provision of MQTT server with user management
  • Upgrading from closed (paid for) architecture to open-source (free)

Control & Communications  Panels

We supply a standardised range of factory assembled and commissioned control and communications panels, offering open-source controls that are designed and commissioned to work to the latest guidance or as specified.

Systems are commissioned before leaving the factory, including the setup of all networking functions, reducing works on site to wall mounting, cable terminations, and power.  Typical panel applications include:

  • Substation and plant-room control and communications upgrades
  • Substation kits for assembly in-situ in confined spaces
  • Communications and metering hubs
  • Pump and boiler group control
  • Collection and transmission of HIU data
  • Alarm panels
  • Establishing data links to sites before phone infrastructure arrives

Details provided on application. Please provide a basic outline of functions required and we will assist in selection of controls and the operations functions required to achieve it.

Cloud Management

While control systems may operate as stand alone entities, it is usually preferable to have a central user interface that allows all assets to be managed in one place. Our Heatweb open-source controls software runs on almost any computer, including a cloud based VM (virtual machine), acting as a central communications hub, and providing data storage, graphical interfaces, graphing and alarm management.

A wide range of user interfaces are possible, driven by standard SVG graphics, and with Node-RED at the core it is easy to customise as one sees fit.

MQTT services are provided as standard along with user management, offering the most powerful methods of sharing data based on wildcards, user names, and data structure.  As such the system can simply be used to route between third party services using a system that’s client managed in its entirety.

What does “open source” mean?

Open source software can be inspected, modified and enhanced because its design is completely transparent. Clients have full visibility and control of the code base, which is subject to continuous refinement and improvements by a community of collaborators with a common interest in making it better, more robust and more reliable.

Tailored solutions

The Heatweb team would be happy to tailor a system to suit your specific needs and requirements.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Training for the use and customisation of open source systems is widely available. There are many tutorials available on websites such as YouTube, and we also provide structured courses at our training facility.

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