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This is a fairly comprehensive list of Thermal Integration Products and Services.

Please be prepared. We pride ourselves that we have the ability to deliver systems for ANY application. The range is a reflection of 25 years as the leading UK manufacturer in custom plumbing systems, and also contains the latest products from our partnership with HSF of the Netherlands.

Vented Cylinders

The traditional type of domestic hot water system still has its place. We offer the full range of British Standard cylinders in all formats, with specials on request.

Copper Vented CylindersStainless Steel Vented Cylinders

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Unvented Cylinders

We select unvented cylinders from a variety of manufacturers, as well as having custom units manufactured for us. On top of this we were the originators of pre-facricated cylinders in the UK, including the first ever pre-plumbed Megaflos, and continue to offer a unique range to just about any specification.

Amazon Unvented, Standard Electric & IndirectAmazon Unvented, Twin Coil SolarAmazon Unvented, HorizontalAmazon Unvented, Electric Pre-PlumbedAmazon Unvented, HXINThe crown jewel of our unvented range, using a plate heat exchanger to reheat rather than a coil. Half the size of a traditional cylinder, but more than double the output.More...Amazon Unvented, HXIN TwinWhen running out of hot water simply isn't an option, look no further.More...Amazon Unvented, HXIN SLIMOur SLIM HIU tailored for retro-fitting to an existing unvented cylinder to boost output.More...Amazon Unvented, District Pod

HEATBANK® Thermal Stores

The Industries longest standing and most advanced range of thermal stores using plate heat exchanger technology, the original HEATBANK, as copied by many, is still cutting the edge.

Is there anything we haven't thought of? Overview of HEATBANK Range and Benefits

Please take a look at our Datasheets which show the vast array of units we can produce. [Standard Storage Data Sheets]

The HEATBANK Pandora

With thousands sold to local authorities and house builders, the Pandora is our most successful product to date. Its ability to deliver mains pressure hot water without discharge pipes or annual safety checks, together with the range of pre-fabricated options makes is a dream to install, just about anywhere.

  • Mains pressure domestic hot water
  • No discharge pipes
  • Unpressurised storage
  • Maintenance free

HEATBANK Pandora ElectricThe simplest hot water system there is to install, with thousands in London alone. Just 2 pipes, cold in and hot out, but capable of driving 100kW to multiple taps. More....HEATBANK Pandora IndirectA big favorite with large house-builders, with a very quick installation time, no discharge issues, and high performance. Various coil and plumbing options.HEATBANK Pandora HXIN DistrictPlate heat exchanger input for the most efficient versatile system available for use a centralised boiler plant.HEATBANK 2000 ElectricHot water and central heating using electric thermal storage.


Nobody can mix heat sources or loads like we can. We've been doing it longer than anyone, and the result, the HEATBANK Xcel, is the definitive thermal store for use with renewables as well as standard heat sources. The options cover everything. Every system tailored to perfection, with our free design guarantee - in 25 years the Xcel has never left a customer unhappy.

HEATBANK Xcel MultifuelHEATBANK Minibems District Buffer StoreOur latest store for district heating applications, utilising the Minibems controller for network management.More...AKVATERM HEATBANK Pre-Fabricated Thermal Stores

Buffer Stores

Heat Pump Buffer Stores
  • HEATBANK Pandora indirect
  • HEATBANK Pandora twin coil
  • HEATBANK Pandora electric solar
  • HEATBANK District Direct Buffer
  • HEATBANK HighFlow Conversion Kit
  • Coil type thermal stores

Domestic Heat Interface Units

Hydraulic Interface Unit or Heat Interface Unit for providing domestic services based on a centralised plant delivering heat to multiple dwellings.

Electronic HIUs

Our partnership with HSF has enabled us to deliver the most successful range of HIUs in the Netherlands tailored for the UK market. These represent the very best technology available, and we are one of only a few HIU manufacturers to submit a unit for testing under the new HIU standards backed by DECC. A lot can be said, but possibly the most important is the systems guarantee return temperatures as low as you specify - under all site conditions.

The SLIM HIUSingle Plate HIU for DHW or UFH.More...The DIGI HIUSingle Plate Electronic HIU for DHW with Direct Heating.More...The DATA HIUTwin Plate Electronic HIU.More...The SLIM Extra HIUSingle Plate Electronic HIU.More...The DATA SPLIT HIUTwin Plate Electronic HIU.More...

Customised HIUs

As well as the standard mass-production models, we have the ability to design and manufacture custom systems to contract requirements. From the implementation of advanced electronics and networking, through to multiple zone outputs, we can offer it all.

The ETHER HIUTwin Plate Electronic HIU with Ethernet Switch.More...The CUPBOARD HIUBuilding services cupboard with modules for HIU, air handling, and all utilities.More...The CAMPER HIUExternal HIU enclosure suitable for most of the range.More...Case Study...The UTILITY MASTERSingle Plate HIU for heating, with twin metered direct supplies.More...The BOILER MASTERCustomised HIUs for high outputs More...The BOILER MAJORCustomised HIUs for high outputs, with DHW.More...The BOILER MINORCustomised HIUs.

Mechanical HIUs

  • MECH
mHIU Mechanical HIUTwin Plate Mechanical HIU

Commercial Systems

  • AQUABOOST DHW Generator
HighFlow ModulesIHIU HighFlow ModulesThermal Storage & Buffer CylindersCompact Modular Storage SystemsCUPBOARD Frames and ModulesAmazon Unvented CHiP


IHIU Linux Control PlatformsGeneral purpose programmable controller with USB, WiFi & Ethernet.More...IHIU TouchRaspberry Pi 3 Field Computer and 7" Touch Screen User Interface.More...Ethernet SwitchesFor Cat5 and Fiber Ethernet backbones, for monitoring and billing applications.More...IHIU Networked Control ValvesMultipurpose Pressure Independent Flow Control.More...600x600px


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