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At every step of the way, a district heating system needs to fulfil the wants and needs of all interested parties. An energy efficient system is imperative, and this is directly affected by the HIU to which it is connected.

The HIU must be intelligent but simple and reliable, it must be cost effective but provide outstanding performance & efficiency, and it must be easy to locate within the property and quick to fit. It must be open source to allow connection to any billing system and it must be secure to enable landlords and billing providers to collect their money.

All of the above is the reason why the DATA SPLIT and MIX HIU's from Thermal Integration were designed and developed.

Main Features & Benefits

• Compact design with no need for clearance either side for servicing. The unit is small enough to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard with space to spare.

• Sealed system components supplied loose for fitting in an accessible location adjacent to kitchen or bathroom waste water pipework. This allows the HIU to be fitted in a riser cupboard and locked away from the end user.

• Instantaneous hot water up to 65kW, with adjustable temperature from 45-60°C.

• Indirect central heating up to 20kW (@ 11° Delta T) with adjustable temperature from 50-80°C. (To suit radiators or underfloor heating applications)

• Primary return temperature limitation, settable at commissioning.

• Primary differential pressure self-learning and adjustment.

• Heat-up boost, enabling the DATA SPLIT to get up to temperature with maximum power before ramping down to maintain a steady output.

• The latest stepper motor valve technology allows the system to react rapidly, thereby maintaining accurate control over domestic hot water temperatures.

• Pre-install plumbing jig complete with isolation valves to allow pipework on site to be completed prior to HIU installation.

• Primary circuit trickle flow for domestic hot water Eco or Comfort Modes.

• Insulated removable EPP casing with less than 50 Watts standing heat loss.

• Anti-Legionella programme raises the domestic hot water temperature periodically; preventing the growth of Legionella bacteria.

• Casing and Heat Meter anti-tamper fixings.

• Option for built-in landlord security closure system for remote isolation.

• Pump exercise function.

• Built-in control for a Domestic hot water re-circulation pump. (pump to be mounted external to casing)

• Site specific factory calibration of controls to predefined settings.

• Freedom of connection positions, pre-install plumbing jig can be adjusted to allow pipework to route down the back of the HIU casing.

• WRAS approved (components).

• iHIU Option for Inter-networking of all DATA SPLIT or MIX units within a development to enable site wide adjustments to match loads to primary circuit heat availability and networked domestic hot water priority. Together with browser based interface and online dashboard for remote commissioning, monitoring, control adjustments, performance visualisation, fault detection and diagnosis using pc, tablet or phone.

• Sensors for temperature, pressure and flow rate allow the system to monitor performance and detect fault conditions locally, or on the district heat network by fitting the optional iHIU electronics package.




DATA SPLIT and MIX Datasheet

Installation Instructions

Cover DATA SPLIT.jpg

DATA SPLIT User and Installation Instructions
Comprehensive installation manual for the twin plate DATA SPLIT HIU.


The Pre-Plumbing bracket allows the unit to be spaced from the wall, from 50 to 75mm.

SPLIT dimensions.jpg

Sealed system kit

There are two types of sealed system kit available to fit with the DATA SPLIT HIU. The first is an 8Ltr expansion vessel and fill kit designed to be positioned away from the HIU in a convenient position for the end user to operate the filling loop. (see below) The kit comes complete with a wall mounting bracket, and takes up very little space in a cupboard or under the kitchen sink.

Intafill sealed system kit.jpg Intafil Plus Kit Dims 1.jpg

The second sealed system option is mounted to the wall behind the DATA SPLIT HIU. This is a 6Ltr expansion vessel and fill kit and once fitted it is almost completely hidden behind the HIU, therefore the safety relief valve and filling loop must be connected into the pipework in a separate accessible position. (see below example) Again, the kit comes complete with a wall mounting bracket.

The DATA SPLIT HIU must be adjusted on its pre-plumbing bracket, so that it sits 70mm from the wall to accommodate the expansion vessel behind. The makes the total depth of the HIU 325mm from the wall.

SPLIT Expansion Vessel.jpg


SPLIT Schematic Image.jpg

DHW Performance - DATA SPLIT

DHW Performance Table

DHW Power Chart for 10-55°C

Primary Return Temperatures for 10-55°C

Primary Flow Rates for 10-55°C

Primary Pressure Drop for 10-55°C

Domestic Hot Water Pressure Drop for 10-55°C


DHW Performance Table

DHW Power Chart for 10-55°C

Primary Return Temperatures for 10-55°C

Primary Flow Rates for 10-55°C

Primary Pressure Drop for 10-55°C

Domestic Hot Water Pressure Drop for 10-55°C

Central Heating Temperature Curves

Central Heating Temperature Curves for 80-50°C

Central Heating Temperature Curves for 70-40°C

Central Heating Temperature Curves for 60-40°C

Central Heating Temperature Curves for UFH 45-35°C

The SPLIT Heating Only

The SPLIT Heating Only is currently under development and is therefore not openly available. We are however able to produce smaller quantities upon request. Please speak to one of the Thermal Integration Team if this unit is required.


DATA SPLIT Heating Only Schematic


DATA SPLIT Heating Only Layout