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The SLIM Extra combines the power and control of the SLIM HIU, for the DHW circuit, with the addition of direct heating flow and return connections. The HIU is also fitted with a Danfoss AB-PM valve to open or close the heating circuit when called by the room thermostat.

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Installation Instructions

Cover SLIM Extra.jpg

SLIM Extra User and Installation Instructions
Comprehensive installation manual for the SLIM Extra HIU.

SLIM IU Manual.png

SLIM User and Installation Instructions
The SLIM Extra is based on the SLIM HIU, so this manual may also be of use.


SLIM Extra Datasheet pg1.png

SLIM Extra Datasheet

See Installation Instructions for the SLIM Extra HIU for further information.

SLIM Extra Amazon.jpg

SLIM Extra - Amazon Datasheet
The SLIM Extra-Amazon is a combined HIU (Heat Interface Unit) and Unvented Storage system, designed to provide exceptional domestic hot water performance on systems connected to communal heating systems.

Also See The SLIM HIU for further information.