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For when you simply cannot afford to run out of hot water…

Thermal Stores quick to install

Quick to install

Amazon systems come in both basic form and with options for factory fitted controls assemblies to speed up installation and ensure correct functionality. Assemblies include inlet controls, flow-share controls, pumps, sealed system kit, district heating controls and programmers.

Thermal Stores safer systems

Efficient operation with heat pumps

When using renewable heat sources such as air source heat pumps, we offer very high duty primary coils as well as plate heat exchanger inputs to ensure efficient operation and accelerate recovery times.

Thermal Stores high performance

Fantastic performance

The output of an Amazon cylinder is limited only by the supply of heat and water. Systems can be supplied with inlet controls sized to match the required flow rates, and the option for a plate heat exchanger reheat means one can utilise every bit of boiler output.

Our AMAZON range of unvented hot water cylinders generates more hot water per hour than any other unvented cylinder on the market, providing commercial-level outputs from cost effective domestic priced systems.

Unvented hot water cylinders store domestic hot water in a pressurised system. They must be fitted by a G3 qualified installer and serviced annually to ensure they are working efficiently and safely.

  • Enjoy mains pressure at all hot and cold outlets
  • Extremely efficient
  • Ideal for use with heat pumps
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 2 years guarantee on components
  • High density insulation
  • Full unvented kit supplied, including remote expansion vessel
  • WRAS approved
  • Treated to protect against corrosion

View the range…

Amazon Electric Unvented Hot Water Cylinder,  150-500ltr

The Electric Amazon is the simplest of the range, using two 3kW immersion heaters to generate hot water.

Amazon Indirect Unvented Hot Water Cylinder, 150-500ltr

Indirect Amazon cylinders are the standard choice when connecting to gas boilers.

When connecting to heat pumps an option is provided for a high duty primary coil to speed recovery and achieve efficiencies.

Amazon HXIN Unvented Hot Water Cylinder, 150-500ltr

The Amazon HXIN range are indirectly heated by a plate heat exchanger, removing the coil as a bottle-next to recovery rates.  Plate heat exchanges are sized to make full use of all boiler input, and feed heated water into the top of the store for immediate use.

Amazon HXIN cylinders push the boundaries on volumes of hot water generation, for systems where you need the very best performance and efficiency.

Amazon DISTRICT Unvented Hot Water Cylinder, 150-500ltr

The Amazon DISTRICT range of cylinders are designed for the provision of domestic hot water on communal heating systems. The Indirect version provides a plate heat exchanger interface for central heating.

Supplied with all the required controls, including both plumbing and wiring, and with an insulated casing and support frame that allows the system to be installed over a washing machine.

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