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Unrivalled performance Our pioneering technology and control systems deliver high precision heat management and unrivalled performance in both domestic and district heating environments.

Best for through-life costs Intelligent design leads to greater simplicity – that’s why our systems are cost effective to install, more reliable and cheaper to run and operate.

Better by design Our unique and innovative technology has been refined over many years and is protected by numerous patents relating to water storage, heat exchange and the networking of communal heating systems.

Our Contribution…

Our experts contributed their technical expertise to the Institute of Plumbing (now CIPHE) guidance on thermal storage, as well as the latest codes of practice on heat networks steering committee for the CP1 Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK. We are happy to extend this service to clients; reviewing designs, suggesting improvements, applying diversity calculations, sizing pipes, boilers and buffer stores, and improving control and monitoring systems.

Thermal stores can be configured in multiple ways…

In their most basic form, thermal stores can act as a buffer system for central heating, allowing for the effective and efficient combination of multiple heat sources. The addition of a plate heat exchanger supports the generation of instant mains-pressure hot water without the need for unvented certification (or annual maintenance).

Tailored control systems

Further options provide fitted controls for the use of boilers of all types (sealed and vented) as well as heat pumps. We can also tailor control systems to incorporate pump assemblies, thermostats, programmers, timers and control valves.

Intelligent load configurations

Radiators and underfloor heating can be run simultaneously, with the thermal store configured so low temperature loads for underfloor heating, utilise low temperature heat sources, such as a heat pump, while high temperature loads for radiators, utilise higher temperature heat sources, such as wood burners or boilers.


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