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Why we would like to visit you

The efficiency of district heating on any scale relies not only on plant room design, but on a guarantee that the equipment at the other end of pipes behaves as planned.

It is not by design that the vast majority of schemes commissioned over the past decade have failed to achieve the intended efficiency and running costs benefits offered by district heating, but rather a lack of understanding how important specific features in HIUs (Hydraulic Interface Units) affect plant and network efficiency.

The general theme of what we would like to discuss covers:

We have been at the bleeding edge for 25 years plus, in thermal storage and plate heat exchange, and simply wish to bring this experience to your table.

To talk seriously about all of the above takes a few hours, and if you have specific contracts to discuss, its your choice. We will happily provide a CPD at your offices followed by discussion of anything further, or display the entire product range at our factory in Sudbury.