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Our Node-HIU remote connection platform is designed to connect our range of Hydraulic Interface Units (HIUs) to the outside world.

All software is open-source and runs on commonly available PLC boards, including the Raspberry Pi.

Secure communications are made using MQTT protocol, the new standard for IoT and SCADA tehnologies, with secure remote connection also available using OpenVPN.

Commissioning Sheet

The commissioning report tells us all the current settings & readings, and generates a one second resolution graph of the most recent tap use. This page is accessed following unit turn on and testing at taps, to be printed as a permanent record of how the HIU has been handed over.

Commissioning Sheet

Remote Commissioning

During installation and hand-over stages, HIUs can be accessed remotely from a laptop or mobile phone, to allow settings to be altered where necessary.


Alarm Reporting

The whole point of the system. Once a system is operating, you ideally want to forget about it and not have to perform regular pre-emptive checks and maintenance.

Alarms can be linked to various performance targets with conditions on when and to whom to notify. If hot water supply anywhere on the network takes longer then it should, or a central heating system starts to lose pressure, the problem is flagged and can be responded to before an emergency arises.

Load History at One Second Resolution

Every second taps are running the basic data regarding DHW flow rates, temperatures and power, are recorded and totalled to provide extremely detailed load reporting.

Live Domestic Hot Water Data


Data Protection and Traffic Control

At the different stages of a contract different levels of data are allowed and required. While commissioning systems you require detailed data and alarms to installers. Once handed over you may want no remote access allowed without the users permission, but still need alarms to be forwarded to estate management.

Limiting communications to useful data, alarms and commands is also the key to reducing traffic on SIM cards. It is possible to commission a site using a SIM with generous data allowance for high resolution logging, then once services are up swap to a SIM that has a low data contract attached with data use shared over SIMs.


Network Supply Monitoring

Boiler Flow and Return