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Kamstrup MULTICAL 403

Kamstrup MC403.jpg

MULTICAL® 403 is a static heat meter, cooling meter or combined heat/cooling meter based on the ultrasonic principle. The meter is intended for energy measurement in almost all types of thermal installations where water is used as the energy-conveying medium.

MULTICAL® 403 consists of a calculator, a flow sensor and two temperature sensors. MULTICAL® 403 has been developed for measurement of energy consumption in flats, single-family and multi-family houses, housing associations, blocks of flats and small industry. The meter is simple to install, and it has a temperature range of 2...180 °C and a meter programme with nominal flow from qp 0.6m³/h to 15m³/h.


  • Programmable data logger with AMR
  • Configurable M-Bus modules with logger reading
  • On-site configuration via front keys
  • Highly flexible modular design
  • M-Bus output as standard
  • Pulse Inputs and Outputs
  • Real-time clock backup
  • Mains or Up to 16-year battery backup
  • IP68 flow sensor
  • Very wide dynamic range
  • Conforms to MID, Class 2

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