Guarantees and After Sales Backup for Stainless Steel Cylinders

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Commissioning Checklist

Please return this form to:
Thermal Integration Ltd., 8 Curzon Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2XW.
Tel: 0345 241 1441

The Installer should fill out the following section before leaving this form with the end user.
Cylinder Warranty Installer Details.png
The End User should fill out the following section before returning this form to Thermal Integration Ltd.
Cylinder Warranty User Details.png
Failure to return this form may jeopardise the warranty on this system.

Warranty Information

Stainless Steel Cylinders carry the following guarantees as standard:

1. The warranty begins on the date of delivery. A dated delivery note will be issued to the customer and a copy will be stored by Thermal integration.

2. 1 Year Parts and labour - Parts or labour proven to be defective will be replaced / repaired free of charge for a period of 12 months from date of delivery, provided the cylinder is installed by a qualified engineer within 6 months of date of delivery.

2 Years Parts Only - Parts proven to be defective will be supplied free of charge (for fitting by others) for a period of 24 months from date of delivery.
25 Years on the base unit against leaks - Stainless Steel cylinder bodies are guaranteed against perforation / leakage for a period of 25 years from date of delivery. (Cylinder bosses and welds are excluded from this guarantee)

3. Replacement of parts under warranty does not extend the duration of the warranty

4. Any other costs are not covered by this warranty. All other damages of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising, are expressly excluded from this guarantee.

5. The warranty conditions above only apply:

a. In the UK only on items provided exclusively by Thermal Integration.
b. If the product is installed by a qualified engineer in compliance with the installation instructions.
c. The installer must complete the commissioning checklist in full at the time the cylinder is installed. The end user must also complete the relevant sections of this checklist and it must be returned to Thermal Integration within 30 days of commissioning. Checklists are enclosed in the installation instructions.
d. If the installation complies with all current and relevant building regulations and codes of practice (including the requirement to clean the primary and secondary heating systems and add corrosion inhibitor in line with BS7593:2006)
e. If the product is used and maintained exclusively according to the manufacturer's instructions with proof that the system has been protected with a suitable corrosion inhibitor, and all additions of inhibitor are clearly recorder (date and quantity) on the system, using labels supplied with the inhibitor.
f. If the returned item is accompanied by a fully completed Thermal Integration Warranty Return Form.

6. Excluded are defects caused by:

a. Failure to maintain in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
b. Improper use.
c. Any attempt at repairs / maintenance by un-qualified persons.
d. where parts other than Thermal Integration Genuine Parts have been used in any service or repair.
e. Lightning, fire or natural disasters.
f. Deterioration and / or pollution from the heating system or water network, either domestic hot water or heating side.
g. Harmful additives to the heating water.
h. Consumables as specified by us, including but not limited to: hoses, gaskets and batteries.
i. Damage arising from faulty site installation or wiring.

7. Report any faults to your installer, service engineer or Thermal Integration directly. Faulty parts must be accompanied by a fully completed Thermal Integration Warranty Return form, to be returned to Thermal Integration. Returned items remain the property of Thermal Integration Ltd.
The Thermal Integration Warranty Return Form can be requested by phone or email. Returns are not accepted unless expressly agreed in writing.
Transport risk of returned items lies with the sender. The shipping of replacement parts are the responsibility of the supplier.

8. If the cylinder or any component thereof breaks down, we may ask you to pay us a deposit before we repair or replace it. We will return the deposit in full if we find a fault that is covered by this warranty. We may keep the deposit if we cannot access your property at the time we had arranged with you to visit or we find other conditions of this warranty have not been met. A responsible adult must be at the property to give our engineer this access to the cylinder.