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Nominal primary supply temperature 80°C
Maximum primary supply temperature 85°C
Minimum primary supply temperature 55°C *
Nominal DHW supply temperature 55°C
DHW Set Range 45°C to 60°C
Return Temp Limit Range 35°C to 65°C
CH Limit Range 30°C to 80°C
Primary connections ¾” Female / 18mm
Mains & DHW connections ¾” Female / 18mm
Central heating connections ¾” Female / 18mm
Pressure relief 15mm
Domestic Hot water heat exchanger (DHW) E8LAS‐40
Central heating heat exchanger (CH) E8LAS‐40
Maximal primary differential pressure (without dP regulator) 250kPa
Maximal primary differential pressure (with dP regulator) 450kPa
Minimal primary differential pressure 50kPa **
Pressure class DH circuit PN16
Pressure class CH circuit (3 bar safety valve) PN10
Pressure class DHW circuit PN10
CH Maximum working pressure 2.5 Bar
Casing width 490mm
Casing height 640mm
Casing depth 275mm
Casing Material EPP Expanded Polypropylene
Maximum Heat Losses 50W (1.2 kWh/day)
Typical Heat Losses (DHW Only, Keep Warm) 25W
Weight (basic version) 24kg ***
Electrical supply info 230V 50Hz
Fuse ratings 3 Amp
Sensor DHW NTC 10kohm @ 25°C
Keep Warm Modes Economy / Comfort
Max Return Temperature during Keep Warm Mode DHW Setpoint - 2°C

.* Minimum required DH supply temperature is DHW setpoint + 5°C with a minimum of 55°C.
.** Depends on requested DHW output and available DH supply temperature.
.*** Unit weight may vary depending on the optional components built into the unit