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Nominal primary supply temperature 80°C
Maximum primary supply temperature 95°C *
Minimum primary supply temperature 55°C **
Maximal primary differential pressure (without dP regulator) 250kPa
Maximal primary differential pressure (with dP regulator) 450kPa
Minimal primary differential pressure 50kPa ***
Pressure class DH circuit PN16
Domestic Hot Water
Nominal DHW supply temperature 55°C
DHW Set Range 45°C to 60°C
Domestic Hot water heat exchanger (DHW) E8LAS‐40
Keep Warm Modes Economy / Comfort
Keep Warm Temperature 25°C to 60°C
Keep Warm Duration 0 to 120 mins or Always On
Max Return Temperature during Keep Warm Mode DHW Setpoint -2°C
DHW Max pressure 6 Bar
Pressure class DHW circuit PN10
Central Heating
Maximum flow temperature Primary T -5°C
Return Temp Limit Range 35°C to 65°C
CH Limit Range 30°C to 80°C
Central heating heat exchanger (CH) E8LAS‐40
Pressure class CH circuit (3 bar safety valve) PN10
CH working pressure 2.5 Bar (Max 3 Bar)
Nominal pump pressure 20 kPa (Adj. 0-70)
Maximum recommend flow rate 750 l/hr
Pump Over-run 15 Mins (Adj. 0-1440)
Pump exercise function 60 Sec / 24 hr
Primary connections ¾” Female / 18mm
Mains & DHW connections ¾” Female / 18mm
Central heating connections ¾” Female / 18mm
Pressure relief 15mm
Casing width 490mm
Casing height 640mm
Casing depth 275mm
Casing Material EPP Expanded Polypropylene
Maximum Heat Losses <50W (1.2 kWh/day)
Typical Heat Losses (DHW Only, Keep Warm) 20W
Weight (basic version) 19.5kg ****
Electrical supply info 230V 50Hz - 0.64A
Power consumption per year circa 45kWh
Fuse ratings 3 Amp
Sensors NTC 10kohm @ 25°C

.* Maximum primary supply temperature 100°C for momentary spikes.
.** Minimum required DH supply temperature is DHW setpoint + 5°C with a minimum of 55°C.
.*** Depends on requested DHW output and available DH supply temperature.
.**** Unit weight may vary depending on the optional components built into the unit.