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The case studies listed here represent just a fragment of the work we (as Thermal Integration and previously as Dedicated Pressure Systems) have undertaken over the years, detailing the range of products we offer and the expertise we bring to the industry. Many of the contracts listed were designed and manufactured by us, and sold through our distributors. We have historically made branded products for Johnson & Starley (Heat Banks), Heatrae Sadia (Prefabricated Megaflo), as well as A.O.Smith (Flowstores).

Ancient History

It's difficult now to find case studies going back as far as the 70's. Some of the names and products that have formed our history include Utterly Ingham, Hydro Spartan, The Spartan ET50/100, The GR1 Valve (as on Tomorrow's World), DuoFlow Primatic Cylinders, Mainstream Thermal Stores, and Stowaway Heat Banks.

Old Thorlands Estate, Brixton

One of our first contracts for Heat Banks connected to heat networks, going back some 20 years, The original Stowaway Heat Bank delivers hot water to numerous blocks of flats on the Old Thorlands Estate for L.B.Lambeth, through United House.


In 1998 we supplied 98 customised Heat Bank Xcel tank systems to L.B. Hillingdon, via Johnson & Starley, as one of four contracts supplied to the borough. The systems were designed to fit within a small void inside the bathrooms, hidden behind wall panels, and as such, the use of our vented Xcel system removed the need to annual access and servicing.

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Laing Homes

The developments in Holly Street, Hackney, and surrounding roads, represent one of the first developments we undertook with Laing Homes, where we supplied Heat Bank systems connecting to domestic gas boilers. Systems were supplied fully pre-fabricated with Y-Plan control, programmers, pumps, and were fully pre-wired and tested for rapid installation. Systems were supplied through Jonson & Starley (our main distributor at the time). Other sites were located in Boreham Wood, Putney, Buttsbury, Clapham, Brondesbury, Sutton, Walthamstow, Grove Road, Streatham, Woolwich, Ashtead, Marron Street Putney, Berkhampstead, and Loughton.

Roupell Park Estate, Brixton

420 properties in multiple blocks connected to a centralised CHP plant, making use of Orchard Partner's Exergenius system, combining plate heat exchanger recovery to vented cylinders from the heat network, as well as using electric elements to enable more advanced management of heat sources.

Juniper House, L.B.Southwark

Juniper House was the first development where our GX Xcel Heat Banks were utilised in quantity by London Borough of Southwark. The systems were designed to fit underneath the kitchen worktop, providing high performance hot water and central heating from domestic gas boilers without taking up valuable storage space. The unique recovery system enabled the 90 litre stores to deliver baths and showers side by side.

Galleon's Reach, Fairview Homes

450 Electric Heat Bank Pandora systems, providing maintenance free mains pressure domestic hot water to properties, without the need for discharge pipes. Systems were supplied prefabricated with immersion heater controls and wiring to enable very rapid installation of cylinders, typically in under an hour.

Bellway Homes, Island Site

83 Pre-Fabricated Unvented Storage systems for Bellway homes, connecting to a centralised boiler plant. Systems were supplied fully pre-fabricated with unvented kits, central heating controls, and district heating controls, including heat meters and DP controls, for rapid installation.

Galliard Homes

Sites we have completed for Galliard Homes include Peckham Grove, Southampton Way, Marylebone, Bromley House, London Lane, Southwark Bridge, Harley House, Ashburton Gate, and Snakes Lane. Systems supplied include our Heat Bank Pandora systems, both Electric and Indirect, sometimes connecting to a central boiler plant, for the provision of high performance hot water and central heating, without discharge requirements or annual servicing.

Rydon Construction, St Giles Day Hospital

The site at St. Giles Day Hospital for 64 properties used the Pandora Electric Heat Bank to deliver high performance hot water. Other sites for Rydon included Devonport Street, and Durand Close.

Barratt Homes, Swiss Cottage

One of the many Barratt Homes developments we have supplied. Swiss Cottage makes use of 180 of our Pandora Heat Banks to deliver domestic hot water without a need for annual servicing or discharge pipes. Other sites included Ashmole School, Mare Street, and Hermitage Basin.

Bryant Homes, Melbourne House, Wallington

Our Heat Bank 2000 Electric Storage system was used to provide mains pressure hot water and central heating using Economy 10 electricity. Systems were sized to provide enough thermal storage to ensure all standard use was provided on cheap rate electricity, with minimal need to use boost supplies.

Megaflo System-Fit

In 1999 we approached Heatrae Sadia with a new product - a prefabricated Megaflo unvented cylinder. The product went on to become the well known Megaflo Systemfit. The controls package included a full Honeywell S-Plan Smartfit package, and made use of the new (at the time) Tectite push fit fittings to enable pipework to be rotated to match site connections.

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A.O.Smith Flowstores

When A.O.Smith required a new range of commercial unvented systems with rapid recovery they came to us to design and supply the Flowstore PHE. A variety of heat exchanger and control options were provided including both mechanical and electronic control systems.

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Communal Heating System, 6 Flats

This contract from some time ago provides a good example of how we have a long history of communal heating system design, including equipment for the plant room and the HIUs in flats. We designed and supplied the entire system, including all the BMS controls, with a metering and billing system using Coster Controls that enabled contract-free management of the system. The technology has moved on, but the service is the same.

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National Trust Morden Hall

The Stable Yard at Morden Hall represents The National Trust's best example yet of renewable energy sources, combining various technologies in a showcase and educational centre open to the public. Combining Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, and Biomass, using our Xcel Heat Bank technology.

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Southwark Diocese

The provision of hot water and central heating using a mix of gas boilers, wood burners and solar panels, to various vicarages attached to churches in Southwark, was achieved using our Heat Bank Xcel. Systems were supplied fully prefabricated for rapid installation, including all the controls required to setup a safe and reliable wood burner system.

Putney Plaza

Four tower blocks completed in 2016, making use of a revolutionary centralised boiler plant using modular heat exchange units to deliver hot water and central heating via a combination of high grade and low grade heat sources.

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Oxford Brookes University

All three phases at Oxford Brookes University used our Pandora Heat Banks connected to a centralised CHP plant, with each Pandora feeding eight accommodation units and a communal kitchen. Designed to minimise return temperatures while providing high performance hot water without the need for discharges.

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Queensland Road

350 Pandora Heat Bank Systems providing domestic hot water and central heating to properties as part of the Emirates Stadium development. The units achieve very high performance levels from a centralised boiler system, while also providing electric backup of both hot water and central heating.

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Tower and Ashbourne House, Slough

Two tower blocks in Slough made to the same construction as Ronan Point, requiring unpressurised storage systems capable of delivering mains pressure hot water and central heating using either the heat network or backup electric.

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KFC Wincanton

KFCs flagship renewables branch in Wincanton uses an advanced Amazon Unvented Storage System to deliver reliable hot water, heated from a CHP unit that runs on chip fat. Twin backup electric elements are used to ensure the system can deliver services in the event of a CHP failure.

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Channel 4, Escape To The Chateau

When Dick Strawbridge approached us for a custom made thermal store for his French chateau, combining two wood burners with a gas fired Rayburn, we offered up one of our Heat Bank Xcel thermal stores as the perfect solution. It then took us by surprise, although a nice one, when Channel 4 broadcast a series of programs covering the project in detail, including the installation of our system.

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Both phases of West Highland's Housing Association make use of our HIUs to deliver hot water and central heating from a biomass heat network.

Balgair Castle

Our first contract to supply HIUs fitted externally to properties, Balgair Castle is a holiday home using biomass district heating to supply heat and hot water to mobile homes and static caravans.

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Network Housing

As part of a DECC funded project we were called upon to use our expertise in HIU design to analyse existing HIUs in London properties that have been poorly performing. The end result has been a dramatic improvement in efficiencies.

Initially, return temperatures to plant were seen to be only a few degrees below the flow temperature. The client needed to know why, and what could be done about it. Following site inspections, we were able to swap-out one of the guilty HIUs, taking it back to the factory where we were able to test out all sorts of possible improvements. The aim was to arrive at the best value for money approach to improve the performance of the other HIUs on the sites, short of simply replacing the HIU entirely. The end result was a combination of measures we could demonstrate to work as desired. We then managed the contracts on site to modify systems with the results that primary return temperatures dropped consistently as works went on. Once we had finished, the primary returns had dropped nearly twenty degrees.

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HIU Standards

Not so much of a contract case study, as an example of how we rise to challenge - in this case proving to the industry just how efficient HIUs can really be. The new UK test regime for HIUs, funded by DECC and carried out at SP Swedish Technical Institute, put a number of the best know HIU manufacturers through rigorous testing in order to determine the efficiencies that would be seen in real world installations.

Needless to say, we aced the tests and demonstrated that average return temperatures below 25C are indeed achievable, when you know how. The next best HIU achieved return temperatures of 34C, with all others significantly higher.

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