Boilermaster HF

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BoilerMaster 160kW Pig Farm
BoilerMaster 160kW Pig Farm

Range of BoilerMaster HF (High-Flow) HIUs.


BoilerMaster 160kW.jpg

BoilerMaster HF

Key Benefits

  • Single plate up to 270kW Central Heating
  • 3°C approach and 25C drop on secondaries 83°C : 55->80°C
  • EPP Casing 665mm x 665mm
  • Wall or frame mounted
  • Pipework connections up to 54mm copper
  • Electronic control system
  • Web server interface
  • Pressure independent primary flow control up to 12.5 m3/hour (208 litres/minute)



Pipework Connections

  • Primary Flow In
  • Primary Return Out
  • Secondary Return In
  • Secondary Flow Out
  • Optional expansion relief

Electrical Connections

  • 230vac 6A supply
  • Ethernet
  • 10A 230vac Volt free auxiliary output relay (x2) can be used for pump and error
  • Option for hard wired remote enable

Software functions

  • Tracks primary temperatures to target 3.5°C lower setpoint on secondary
  • Return temperature limit
  • Remote on/off

Auxiliary relays

Additional relays can be added into system up to a limit of 4.

Where additional relays are required a dedicated relay interface can be provided offering up to 12 volt free or solid state relays.