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The Boiler 'Master', 'Major', 'Minor' and 'Mini' are self-contained, pre-plumbed and prewired units designed to provide mains pressure hot water from a boiler circuit, without the need for water storage, or designed to connect an existing heating circuit to a new boiler system. They are ideal for use on district heating and central boiler applications. The entire range has been designed using platform engineering principles to allow maximum flexibility with production, so that both small and large quantities can be manufactured to suit the specific requirements of the system being installed. Custom units as standard.



Boiler Master and Major Brochure


The range includes models that supply central heating only, central heating and hot water cylinder feed, instantaneous domestic hot water only or any mixture of these. It is possible for the 'Master' unit to develop 124kW central heating output, the 'Major' unit can develop upto 75kW domestic hot water output and 124kW central heating output and the 'Minor' units are designed to cater for much smaller outputs as required.

All units are supplied in a white painted steel casing. The 'Master' and 'Major' measure 750 x 565 x 370mm and the 'Minor' measures 500 x 405 x 202mm.

BoilerMaster Camper

Boilermaster Camper

The BoilerMaster Camper
Boilermaster Camper 80 Basic Schematic

The Boilermaster Camper is so named because it was originally designed for fitting external to holiday homes on a campsite.

The unit is designed for situations where there is little or no room in the property for the heat interface unit, so it must be placed outside. It therefore comes complete with a casing specifically designed and insulated to cope with the most extreme weather conditions.

The casing is manufactured in fibreglass with a gel-coat finish that can be coloured to match the properties on site, and each case is equipped with two lockable compartments. The upper compartment houses the Heat Interface Unit, and the lower compartment houses the service valves, and spaces the unit off the ground to avoid any risk from flooding.

Internally the unit is essentially a Boiler 'Master' or 'Minor' utilising a plate heat exchanger for hydraulic separation of the district heating network and the heating system within the property, where hot water is either generated via an indirect hot water storage cylinder or by an independent electric heater within the property.

The basic unit assumes all controls plus the heating system expansion vessel are already fitted within the property. It is fitted with a single control valve to open the district heating primary flow, and a pump which are activated when there is a heat demand to circulated heat around the property.

Key Features

  • Colour coordinated fibreglass casing, with lockable hinged doors
  • 30mm PPE insulated secondary case
  • Pressure independent flow control, independently settable (up to 4 bar differential)
  • High output up to 56kW (Based on 11 Degrees Temperature drop)
  • Built-in pump sized to suit the application
  • Allowance for any industry standard heat meter
  • Standardised, documented, controls layouts
  • Isolation of central heating circuit from heat network
  • Provision for flooding to a depth of 600mm
  • Primary system bypass to allow flow up to the unit at all times (External to the meter circuit)
  • DN25 Copper Pipework
  • Safety relief valve
  • Drain cocks on both primary and secondary circuits
  • Isolation valves
  • Dimensions 1405 x 800 x 400mm


  • Heat meter fitted within casing
  • Expansion vessel within casing
  • Filling Loop and pressure gauge within casing
  • 1 or 2 Zone Control valves


Various models of the Boilermaster Camper are available for outputs up to a maximum of 56kW (Boilermaster Camper 80), based on 11 degrees temperature drop across the heating system.

Below are the performance characteristics of each model.

Maximum Performance of Boilermaster Camper 10
Maximum Performance of Boilermaster Camper 20
Maximum Performance of Boilermaster Camper 40
Maximum Performance of Boilermaster Camper 80