Training: District Heating Installer

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2 Day Course delving deeper into design principles, commissioning options and network management, with practical hands-on training.

Day 1 - Theory

DHW System types

  • Centralised DHW storage
  • Centralised thermal storage and plate heat exchangers
  • Domestic hot water cylinders
  • Coils, plate heat exchanger recovery
  • Domestic thermal stores
  • Intermediate storage systems
  • Heat Interface Units

DHW Systems for District Heating.ppt

Central Heating System types

  • Direct connection
    • Variable flow
    • Mixed flow
    • Leak protection
  • Indirect connection
  • Thermal storage

HIU Functions and Test Standards

  • Limits
  • Keep Warm
  • Legionella
  • Alarms

The HIU Testing Standards.ppt

Network Efficiency

  • Categories of energy loss
  • Return temperatures
  • Pipe insulation
  • Generation Efficiency

Network Efficiency.ppt

Introduction to IoT

  • Applications
  • The Raspberry Pi
  • Node-RED programming language
  • Connecting to other hardware
  • MQTT messaging


Monitoring and Metering

  • Cabling
  • MBus networks
  • Ethernet networks

Monitoring and Metering.ppt

Day 2 - Practical

Components used in HIUs

Circulatory Systems

HIU Commissioning

Fault Finding

System Quality

  • Flushing
  • System pressurisation and dosing
  • Maintaining systems

Water Quality Requirements

Introduction to BS 7593:2019