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The Thermal Integration MECH HIU is designed for use as a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) connected to a communal heat distribution system and is suitable for provision of both heating and hot water. It can be fitted with an MID approved Class 2 heat meter to enable energy monitoring. In order for the MECH HIU to serve the heating circuit and achieve virtually instantaneous hot water delivery, the communal heat distribution system should be up to temperature and pumped at all times. A pressure operated bypass should be fitted to the system to allow a small amount of flow when all units are shutdown, as this helps maintain heat in the pipework ready for any demand.

The MECH HIU uses a gas filled mechanical control valve to accurately regulate DHW. Central heating is provided directly, with a Differential Pressure Control Valve fitted on the CH feed. DHW temperature can be adjusted by the resident without removing the HIU casing or breaking any of the security seals.

The unit comes in an attractive EPP casing, with overall dimensions of only 585mm W x 485mm H x 265mm D, and remarkably low heat losses < 20W.


MECH Datasheet

DHW Valve Setting

Installation Instructions

MECH Installation Instructions