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No longer in use...Go to Installation_Instructions_for_the_Data_HIU

Available Options

The unit has several options available depending on requirements. The basic unit can be equipped with any combination of the following:

  • Option A1: Spool piece, Used when neither option A2 or A3 are required.
  • Option A2: Landlord security valve, allows the landlord to remotely isolate the unit from the district heating network if required.
  • Option A3: Differential pressure control valve, to balance differential pressures between the primary flow and return. Only required where the differential pressure exceeds 250kpa.
  • Option B: Water hammer arrestor, reduces water hammer within the DHW circuit.
  • Option C: DHW recirculation unit, to provide constant circulation of DHW throughout the property in order to allow quicker response times at the tap where extended pipe runs are unavoidable.
  • Option D: Decorative casing, attractive white painted steel casing.
  • Option E1: Standard Output Domestic Hot Water, up to 65kW (at 10-60 deg)
  • Option E2: Plus output Domestic Hot Water, up to 80kW (at 10-60 deg)
  • Option F: Flushing Bypass for connecting to the primary flow and return pipework (External to the unit)

Data options.jpg


Technical Data

Description Units Value
Height (excl. mounting bracket) mm 640
Width mm 490
Depth mm 271
Weight (excl. mounting bracket) kg <30
Position Primaries top. All else bottom.
Primary Connections 3/4” BSP Female
Distribution Net Return 3/4” BSP Female
Cold Water Inlet 15mm Compression Female
Hot Water Outlet 15mm Compression Male
CH supply 3/4” BSP Female
CH Return 3/4” BSP Female
Safety Relief Valve 15mm Copper Pipe
Primary Circuit
Maximum Supply Temperature ˚C 85
Minimum Supply Temperature ˚C 65
Nominal Supply Temperature ˚C 80
Maximum Return Temperature ˚C 40
Pressure Class PN 16
Maximal Permissible Differential Pressure* kPa 250 Standard - 450 With dp Regulator
Minimal Permissible Differential Pressure kPa 50
Max.flow l/h 1400
Primary Circuit (after dP/security)
Pressure Loss kPa 20-60
Secondary Circuit CH
Max. output kW 25
Pump (Energy Class A) 15-6; 130
Expansion Vessel ltr 8
Pressure Relief Valve bar 3
Maximum Flow Rate l/h 720
Secondary Circuit DHW - DATA
Output (@10-55 ˚C) l/min 20.5
Output (@10-55 ˚C) kW 65
Secondary Circuit DHW - DATA PLUS
Output (@10-55 ˚C) l/min 24
Output (@10-55 ˚C) kW 75
Pressure Class PN10
Minimum Pressure kPa 50
Design Temperature (Cold Water) ˚C 10
Nominal DHW Temperature ˚C 55
DHW Temperature Setpoint ˚C 35-60
Additional Features
Casing Material EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)
Maximum Heat Losses W 50 (1.2 kWh/day)
Typical Heat Losses (DHW Only, Keep Warm) W 25
Keep Warm Modes Economy & Comfort
Max. Return Temperature During Keep Warm Mode DHW Setpoint -2˚C
Electrical Information
Electrical Supply Info 230V 50Hz
Fuse Ratings 3 Amp
Sensor DHW NTC 10kOhm @ 25 Degrees