The Amazon HX-DATA Storage HIU System

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The Amazon HX-DATA is a combined HIU (Heat Interface Unit) and Unvented Storage system, designed to provide exceptional domestic hot water performance on systems connected to communal heating systems.


The Amazon HX-DATA uses our standard twin plate DATA Heat Interface Unit to generate both central heating and domestic hot water. In addition, the system makes use of an Amazon Unvented Cylinder to provide domestic hot water storage, storing hot water generated by the HIU.

The combination of systems provides the benefits of both, whilst overcoming the disadvantages of both.

  • Domestic hot water up to 50 litres per minute - equivalent to over 150kW.
  • Minimal draw from primary heat network, typically requiring no additional flow rate than that required for central heating.
  • The ability to weather compensate heat network below DHW temperatures, ramping up periodically for recovery.
  • High primary temperature drop on domestic hot water recovery, with return temperature typically lower than 30°C at all times. Compared to the 10°C drop typical of unvented cylinders, a drop of 50°C will deliver five times the energy, for the same flow rate. This results in smaller storage requirements as well as lower thermal losses from the cylinder and the heat network. It also means that a property can happily be supplied through 15mm or 22mm pipework, reducing capital cost significantly.
  • Return temperatures under 30°C enable the use of heat pumps, waste heat, and will guarantee condensing operation of gas boilers.
  • Electric backup of hot water for occasions when the heat network is offline.
  • Variable storage volumes, with the ability to heat up either a full cylinder, half a cylinder, or just a sink full.
  • Instantaneous hot water provision, even when cylinder is cold. This means that users can leave their cylinder turned off, but still obtain hot water to taps within a minute of turning back on. It also means that the end user cannot run out of hot water.
  • The volume of storage is an optional extra - so sites with varying load requirements can mix DATA HIU's on their own, and DATA HIU's with Amazon storage for higher loads. All systems will have a common interface to the heat network, and operate to the same efficiency levels.
  • Heating temperature control via the DATA HIU allows connection directly to an underfloor heating system without the need for blending down the flow temperature at the underfloor heating manifolds, again reducing capital cost significantly.


Official VWART Comparison from Independent Testing

The importance of efficient operation of the system cannot be overstated. With return temperatures below 30°C for all significant load, the efficiency of both the heat network and the central plant are significantly improved over traditional storage systems.

The DATA HIU has been independently tested against the DECC/Fairheat HIU Standard (now adopted by The BESA) and shown to have the highest efficiency of any system on the market.

Click here to learn more about the Fairheat standard.

Click here to learn more about the standards as adopted by The BESA.

The DATA is built using tried and tested electronic controls with over 10,000 in the field.

The system is immune to installation error (within reason) and requires no on-site commissioning, with units supplied pre-set to consultants requirements. Only approved engineers can adjust settings, and the system will protect itself against unbalanced radiators. Commissioning software is provided to third party commissioning engineers.

It has the ability to connect through billing and BMS systems to provide functions such as remote commissioning and fault reporting, ensuring heat networks can be maintained at peak efficiency throughout their life.

Click here to learn more about the DATA Heat Interface Unit.

System Layout

Without DHW Recirculation



With DHW Recirculation

Amazon HX-DATA - Plus Recirc Install Schematic.jpg

Amazon HX-DATA - Plus Recirc Schematic.jpg

Sample Loading

The following calculation demonstrates how a DATA HIU combined with a 90 litre Amazon cylinder can deliver multiple showers and baths within a short time period, while only requiring an input of 10kW from the heat network.

With a primary temperature drop of 50°C, 10kW equates to a flow rate of less than 3 litres per minute.


With a 50kW input, equivalent to 15 litres per minute primary supply, a 45 litre cylinder can deliver a constant stream of baths and showers.



DHW Only Version

Amazon HX-SLIM pg.png

Amazon HX SLIM


Amazon HX-DATA.jpg


DIGI Version

Amazon HX-DATA.jpg

Amazon HX-DIGI

Wiring Diagram

Amazon HX-DATA - Wiring Diag.jpg

Wiring Diagram