Table: MECH

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Function Units Value
Hot Water  
Maximum Output  kW 31
Pressure Loss  kPa 18
Capacity  L/min 9
Temperature Range  °C 35 to 60
Maximum Output  kW 42
Differential Pressure Controller Setpoint kPa 20
Kvs Value m³ / Hr 2.5
District Heating Circuit  
Maximum Flow Temperature  °C 95
Pressure Class  Bar PN10
Minimum Flow Temperature  °C 70
Maximum Permissible Pressure  kPa 200
Minimum Differential Pressure  kPa 70
Maximum Pressure Loss  kPa <25
District Heating Flow G ¾" F
District Heating Return G ¾" F
Cold Water Supply G ¾" F
Hot Water G ¾" F
Heating Flow G ¾" F
Heating Return G ¾" F
Heat Meter (Flow Mounted) G ¾” Swivel Nut (x2) L=110mm
Heat Meter Return Temperature Sensor M10 x 1 – into G ½” Adaptor
Height mm 485
Width mm 585
Depth mm 265
Weight incl. Pre-plumbing Bracket kg 9.5
Weight excl. Pre-plumbing Bracket kg 9
(1) The DHW flow capacity depends on the supply temperature, permissible return temperature and
pressure of the distribution network. By means of a flow restrictor in the Mains cold water fitting on
the plumbing bracket, the maximum DHW flow rate can be tuned to these external factors.
(2) The HIU should be mounted on a standard plumbing bracket (Supplied with the Digi Unit).