Primula, Margherita, Orchidea, Gardenia stoves - noise and vibration

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There have been several reports of Primula stoves exhibiting excessive noise and vibration when operating at maximum power levels and/or the smoke fan has been operating at near maximum speeds. Initial investigation when these symptoms are presented should focus on the smoke fan to ensure that it is properly secured to its housing, that it is spinning true, and is in balance. Secondly, that other associated structures, side panels and pipework are properly secured and not loose.

If no problem is found with these components, the problem may be due to the combustion air inlet tube. The tube that is used on this range of Red 365 stoves is the same component as is used on the MCZ Active range of stove (e.g. Musa Ego, Suite, etc). In the MCZ range of stoves, an air flow sensor fits into a slot in this tube. The Red 365 range of stoves does not use an airflow sensor (it uses an air pressure switch, same as the Compact boilers), but the slot remains in the tube and is unused. As a result, at certain smoke fan speeds One way to resolve this issue is to fit a redundant airflow sensor to fill the slot. Another possibility may be to seal the slot in this tube with heat resistant aluminium tape.