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A version of the Raspberry Pi dedicated to plumbing.


An open-source computer the size of a large matchbox, far more powerful than expected, with more features than most laptops !

Low cost doesn't come close. The computer itself you can buy online for less than £33. You then need the Linux based operating system, the standard version is available free online from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and just needs loading onto an SD card.

We have taken this system and built on it to deliver a version of the operating system setup for interfacing with modern plumbing equipment, as well as our pick of the best open-source software out there, all setup and ready to roll. We have combined this with our pick of hardware, including a 7" touchscreen and enclosure, along with leads, and a selection of sensors we have found be of great use when you need to monitor a plumbing installation.

In your day-to-day work, it lets you monitor (and control) systems and equipment remotely, to check for faults, and confirm the system is working as you intended. In addition, it will talk directly to a range of equipment, including our range of HIUs, and can be used as a commissioning computer.

If the touch screen is a little too small for, working on a spreadsheet of parts for example, then you can remote desktop in on your normal laptop for example, or connect via the HDMI socket to your television and use a standard keyboard and mouse.

The computer is also a full blown web server, with Wifi and Bluetooth (both kinds). We have built in your-own-cloud storage loaded with databases and documents that may be of use. Not to mention a wiki site of your very own, just like this one. It can back itself up automatically to your PCs, or you can backup the SD card, and restore or duplicate your own persionalised system onto other hardware units so your data will always be safe in your own hands, as well as contract free. You can even download phone or tablet apps to access your data remotely, or upload photos and videos.

It is, one should note, also a media centre, capable of delivering full HDMI video and audio from stored files or the internet, as well as a games console with Minecraft installed.

We are working with a number of other manufacturers to make the system work with their range of equipment as well as our own, and are also working with organisations like the Energy Saving Trust, to talk to their EMBED database for example.

The price is £380 including one year online subscription to our own online services for additional features listed below and free updates.

The software includes