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Pairing with Node-HIU systems is achieved through use of connected services, typically the use of a hot water tap.

This is to tie identification to the locality of the HIU, giving the end-user ultimate control over access to, and persistence of, their data.

An email address is required, as well as the serial number of the system. Login details are displayed on successful pairing and emailed.


Remote access to systems is provided over MQTT. This is similar to text messaging, but done over the internet, and instead of messages going to a single recipient, any system who knows the 'conversation topic' can access the data if they have the rights, and a network connection to the MQTT server (post office).

Passwords are generated randomly, and registered against the email address when locality to the HIU system is confirmed.

The MQTT server is set to run locally as default, requiring inbound access to the Node-HIU system via port forwarding on the internet router. This can be altered at installation to use an external MQTT service, located either on the local network, or in the cloud. Details of the server are provided upon successful pairing.


  1. Scan barcode
  2. Enter email address and press Start
  3. Run tap 5 times in a row (5 seconds on, 5 seconds off, repeat 5 times)
  4. Press Finish


The following frame can be used for pairing, or scan the barcode on the front of the HIU.

Details will be provided upon successful pairing, for example:

Please wait...

WAN server:
LAN server:
port: 10000
password: ez56pazy
MQTT topic: ihiu/xaCho7od/d03b027ae3b94045/#

These details can be used for remote access to sensor readings, and to user commands.

Mobile Phone Software

To connect to a Node-HIU system from a mobile device, you need an MQTT app.

The most effective tool for Android devices is IoT Dashboard

Topics Available


This topic is used to send general commands to the Node-HIu system.

Command Description
diagnostics send system diagnostics
alarms Add a new recipient for all alarms
alarms remove Remove an alarm recipient from the list
alarms Lists the alarms, and alarm recipient list
alarm 'primary too cold' where tF < 65 every 3h to, Set an alarm when reading tF is lower than 65C, sending every 3 hours to specific recipients.
alarm fC,tCo,fHDHW,tH,tHoDHW where fC > 0 every 5s to Establish Diversity posting.
alarms tF remove Clears the alarms for a reading