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Lowest VWART in the first ever UK HIU Independent Tests
The DATA Twin Plate HIU...quite simply the best HIU ever made
The DATA SPLIT Twin Plate HIU...taking the DATA and splitting it into two, to make installation easier
The DIGI Single Plate Direct HIU...following in the footsteps of the best HIU ever made
The SLIM DHW Only HIU...the DATA's little brother with a big punch. Possibly the smallest hi-output HIU ever made
The IHIU Controller delivers a low cost, open-source controls solution for the Internet of Things
The Cupboard HIU brings together all the domestic services in a modern modular approach
An in depth technical study of storage systems vs HIUs vs plant
Our multi-purpose BoilerMaster range of HIUs now come with options for fiberglass external enclosures

This website is designed to be a repository for all information relating to the products and services of Thermal Integration Limited, as well as a general resource for technical information. If you would like to become a contributor, with rights to edit and add articles, please contact the Administrator at

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Thermal Integration Limited
8 Curzon Road
CO10 2XW
Tel: 0345 2411441

History of Thermal Integration Limited


Product Datasheets

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HIU Testing Standards

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We have launched a system to pull articles together into booklets on a particular subject and generate them in a PDF format. Some of them are shown below:



Thermal Integration Product Range
A summary of our main products.

Cover azd1.jpg

The Amazon District
Unvented hot water storage fitted within a pre-fabricated frame.

Cover data.jpg

The HIU Revolution
How our HIU technology managed to beat all the competition by a country mile.

Cover binary1.jpg

IHIU Systems
Information on our IHIU technology used to provide electronic control and monitoring of domestic services.

Cover binary1.jpg

Monitoring Applications
Information on technologies used to provide remote monitoring of domestic services.

Installation Instructions

Cover data.jpg

Installation Instructions for the Data HIU
Comprehensive installation manual for the twin plate DATA HIU.

DIGI UI Manual.png

DIGI User and Installation Manual
Comprehensive installation manual for the single plate DIGI HIU.

SLIM IU Manual.png

SLIM User and Installation Instructions
Comprehensive installation manual for the DHW Only SLIM HIU.

Cover SLIM Extra.jpg

SLIM Extra User and Installation Instructions
Comprehensive installation manual for the SLIM Extra HIU.

Cover DATA SPLIT.jpg

DATA SPLIT User and Installation Instructions
Comprehensive installation manual for the twin plate DATA SPLIT HIU.


Warranty Front Page.jpg

Thermal Integration Guarantees and After Sales Backup for HIUs
Warranty Terms and Conditions.

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