MCZ Hydro stoves - Pump operating parameters

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This article relates to the MCZ 'Active' Hydro range of products (Ego, Musa, Suite, Club, Star).

For products supplied prior to May 2012:

In normal operating mode, if the boiler operates on the internal thermostat only, or an external room/cylinder thermostat, the circulation pump will start to modulate (on for 10 secs, off for 50 secs) when the boiler reaches 35 degrees, and increases the on period until at 50 degrees it is running 100%. These parameters are fixed and cannot be adjusted.

If the boiler is linked to a buffer tank or thermal store, it can be configured to operate in a different mode more appropriate to this configuration: This requires entering the Technical Menu and activating option 'Cylinder'. Within this option, it is also possible to adjust the pump on temperature as well (default is 47 degrees).

In this mode, the boiler target temperature is automatically set to 80 degrees (although this can be adjusted). Now, when the pump on temperature is reached, the pump will run continuously.

For products supplied after May 2012:

The normal Settings menu in the current versions has the option to adjust the Pump On Temperature. In normal mode, the pump will start to modulate at the pump on temperature and run continuously when the target boiler water temperature is reached (Set Temp H2O). If the 'Cylinder' (may also be listed as 'Boiler') option is activated (now an option in 'Settings'), the pump will run continuously once the Pump On Temperature is reached and not run at all below this, i.e. there is no pump modulation.