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The following images show how it is possible to fit our SPLIT HIU's into a riser, in front of the district heating pipework. It is also possible to install our DATA, DIGI or SLIM HIU's in a similar way, using our standard pre-plumbing bracket mounted to uprights which are secured to the back or side wall of the riser.

Riser Image4.jpgRiser Image2.jpgRiser Image3.jpgRiser Layout.jpg

Mounting 2 or even 3 HIU's into a riser has several benefits:-

  • Only one Flushing bypass is required per riser cupboard, as opposed to one per unit.
  • Only one MCW filling point and double check valve is required to serve all of the heating circuits, reducing the cost of cutting tee's into pipework and reducing the number of double check valves required.
  • The safety relief valve pipework from each HIU can be routed to a common tundish with a single connection per riser into the drain or stack.
  • Access to the HIU can be restricted to authorised personnel only, ensuring that the HIU is available for meter reading or servicing without the need to book a time slot with the resident.
  • The possibility of leaks causing damage to the apartment is reduced considerably.
  • Servicing becomes possible without access to properties.
  • Cupboard space is saved within properties.
  • When using the SPLIT HIU it is possible to locate the sealed system controls within the property away from the HIU, thereby allowing occupants or their plumbers to drain and refill central heating systems without a need to access HIUs or break tamper-proof seals.
  • The system can be pre-fabricated off-site for rapid riser installation.