Economy and Comfort Mode Functionality

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Economy / Comfort Mode

It is common for HIU's to include a thermostatic bypass to maintain heat across the domestic hot water plate heat exchanger at all times, this helps minimise delays in hot water supply when a tap is opened.

The DATA, DIGI and SLIM HIU's all perform a similar function with the Economy or Comfort mode, by momentarily opening the domestic hot water stepper motor to allow small quantities of primary water to creep into the unit at regular intervals. The primary pipework leading to and from the HIU usually loses heat faster than the HIU itself, hence the unit will typically settle trickling in heat fast enough to keep the primary return at or just below domestic hot water temperature. The DATA, DIGI and SLIM HIU's are the only HIU's capable of this level of control with electronics to ensure that primary return temperatures remain below the domestic hot water setpoint at all times.

Each HIU has two domestic hot water keep hot modes, Economy or Comfort. These can only be selected during commissioning or by a trained engineer.

The default setting is Eco mode, and this can be specified to run for 0 minutes (which turns the feature off all together), 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes after the last hot water draw off. In Eco mode the heat exchanger is kept to a specified temperature (between 25 and 60 Deg C) for the selected period of time and after this period of inactivity has elapsed the stepper motor closes completely and the temperature in the domestic hot water circuit is allowed to drop through natural dissipation to minimize energy consumption. If a hot water draw off is made any time throughout the Eco mode function the unit will deliver hot water as usual and the Eco mode function will begin counting down for the selected time once again.

In Comfort mode the heat exchanger is continuously supplied with a trickle of primary water for quicker hot water delivery, however energy consumption will be slightly higher than if the unit was set in Eco mode.