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Available Options

The unit has several options available depending on requirements. The basic unit can be equipped with any combination of the following:

  • Option A1: Spool piece, Used when neither option A2 or A3 are required.
  • Option A2: Landlord security valve, allows the landlord to remotely isolate the unit from the district heating network if required.
  • Option A3: Differential pressure control valve, to balance differential pressures between the primary flow and return. Only required where the differential pressure exceeds 250kpa.
  • Option B: Water hammer arrestor, reduces water hammer within the DHW circuit.
  • Option C: DHW recirculation unit, to provide constant circulation of DHW throughout the property in order to allow quicker response times at the tap where extended pipe runs are unavoidable.
  • Option D: Decorative casing, attractive white painted steel casing.
  • Option E1: Standard Output Domestic Hot Water, up to 65kW (at 10-60 deg)
  • Option E2: Plus output Domestic Hot Water, up to 80kW (at 10-60 deg)
  • Option F: Flushing Bypass for connecting to the primary flow and return pipework (External to the unit)

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