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With more than 30 years designing systems for both domestic and district heating schemes, and with the most efficient equipment ever tested (officially lowest VWART for the past 2 years, see BESA), you can be certain we have the knowledge and experience to help you deliver a decent result for everyone.

We offer the following services as standard on contracts relating to heat networks:

  • Review of current network designs, including
    • Peak loads and diversity calculations
    • Thermal storage
    • Thermal losses
    • Return temperatures
    • Pipework sizing
    • The use of bypasses and commissioning sets
    • Keep-warm functionality and thermal bypasses
    • Differential pressure monitoring and pump control
    • Water quality
    • Communications infrastructure
  • Product selection & sizing
  • Customised products
  • Site visits for installation review
  • Training on products, installation, servicing, the latest standards, or generic design theory
  • CPDs on most related subjects
  • On-site service backup

We offer additional services that may be charged for:

  • Monitoring and analysis of existing installations with a view to fixing a problem or investigating options for improving efficiency
  • General BMS and monitoring of systems on an on-going basis
  • Setup and management of alarm routing.