Compact 18-24 circulation pump installation - pressure gauge connection

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This article should be read in conjunction with the Compact circulation pump installation instructions to provide additional information relating to the connection of the pressure gauge tube to the pump.

The Compact range of pellet boilers are supplied with the pump circulation kit as a separate assembly, to be installed on site. As well as the hydraulic connections between the pump and boiler to be made, the capillary tube from the pressure gauge (positioned on the front panel) needs to be attached to the pump body.

With the left hand panel of the boiler removed, the capillary tube can be seen, with a brass fitting attached to it (indicated):

Compact Pressure Gauge - wrong fitting

This fitting was intended to make the connection between the end of the tube and the pump body, however it does not have the correct thread. It is therefore redundant and as it cannot be removed should be left out of the way in the location shown above.

The correct fitting is shown in the picture below:

Compact Pressure gauge - correct fitting

This correct fitting should be already screwed into the pump body (in a brass boss) as supplied; alternatively, it might be supplied loose in a package with the other fittings for the pump kit.

Unscrew this fitting from the pump, slide it over the tube as seen in the above picture, then screw it back into the pump. The completed assembly should now appear as follows:

Compact Pressure Gauge - correct fitting in situ

A further point to note is that there is an unused port on the pump, seen to the left of the tube fitting. It is sealed and no connections need to be made to it.