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To enable easy access to HIUs by the use of a mobile phone, we have developed the Data Monitor App for Android devices. The software works in conjunction with our Data Monitor v1 remote monitoring system, based on open-source Linux technology.

Together the complete Data Monitor system enables the full functionality of our modern electronic HIUs to be realised.

While usable in its own rights, the system is primarily for demonstrating the complete suite of functions available for integration of our HIUs into 3rd party systems. It is based on open source hardware and software platforms to allow connection of our HIUs to just about any other system with minimal effort.


The following functions are available, and can be customised to clients requirements.

  • Secure access provided to HIUs by use of online user registration combined with access tokens.
  • All functions can be limited by user access levels, such as Manufacturer / User / Engineer / Estate Manager / Billing Provider.
  • Live provision of Alarm codes and sensor data.
  • Access to all commissioning settings:
    • DHW set temperature
    • Keep warm temperature
    • Keep warm timing
    • Central heating temperature
    • Return limit temperature
  • Remote control over central heating
  • Remote control over on-board pre-pay shutdown without the need for an additional security valve
  • Makes use of voice recognition and speech synthesis on modern phones to enable one click access to all commands.
  • Can be set to only send out data under alarm conditions, to protect users patterns of use from anyone.
  • Can teach the system new answers to new questions.
  • QR code integration to allow rapid identification of HIUs and to load commissioning settings.


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