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* Designed for AB-QM DN 10-32
* Designed for AB-QM DN 10-32
* Easy-to-install external surface sensor
* Easy-to-install external surface sensor
{{F|VDC6U302_QT.pdf|QT VDC6U302}}
===Novocon Actuator===
===Novocon Actuator===

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The AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valve has been used by Thermal Integration for many years now as a reliable means to control flow rates.

AB-QM No Actuator
TWA-Z Actuator
Thermostatic Actuator QT
Novocon Actuator
  • Exact and pressure independent flow limitation allows no overflows at partial conditions to keep temperature difference over terminal unit as high as designed
  • The AB-QM is able to control the temperature at low loads and is equally stable all through the range. All changes in the available differential pressure are corrected by the pressure controller. Therefore, less disturbances for temperature control and therefore less movements from actuator.
  • AB-QM offers full flexibility of flow adjustment - AB-QM valves can be set to a precise design value even when the system is up and running so no need for draining the system or use of flow charts or calculations - they allow full control over the real conditions in the system.
  • Due to the membrane design the valves are less susceptible to blockage.
  • Always the right flow, so no complaints from end-users
  • Exact flow limitation at any load condition prevents excessive energy consumption that occurs when static balancing method is used in variable flow system.
  • Covers two functions - Balancing & Control.
  • Measuring nipples allow optimisation of the system's performance.
  • 100% built in control valve authority allows lower pump head than traditional setup, thus minimizing energy consumption.
  • Easy adjustability allows late change of design flows without high costs.
  • Plug and Play even when installation is not yet completely finished. For example when some floors are already occupied while construction is still going on at other floors, the occupied floors are already fully functional and balanced.

AB-QM Valves


TWA-Z Actuator

The TWA-Z thermal actuator is used with the AB-QM valves to provide a cost effective means of control, where speed of response is not an issue. The actuator can be controlled with an on/off controller, pulse width modulation (PWM), or switch, or in conjunction with IHIU Control Systems fitted with a solid state relay for variable control.

  • 24 V AC/DC or 230 V AC supply
  • Position indicator
  • Normally opened (NO) or normally closed (NC) version
  • Max. medium temperature 120° C
  • Cable included


Thermostatic Actuator QT

The QT is a self-acting thermostatic actuator designed to be used as return temperature control thermostat in one-pipe heating systems. QT is dedicated to be used with AB-QM automatic balancing & control valve.

  • Setting range: 35 … 50 °C, 45 … 60 °C
  • Designed for AB-QM DN 10-32
  • Easy-to-install external surface sensor


Novocon Actuator

The Novocon Actuator, combined with the AB-QM range of valves, provides vary fast linear control over water flow, independent of differential pressure of up to 4 bar. It can be controlled via a 5v signal, allowing direct control by IHIU Control Systems, with the use of a 24vdc power supply.