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Unrivalled performance Our pioneering technology and control systems deliver high precision heat management and unrivalled performance in both domestic and district heating environments.

Best for through-life costs Intelligent design leads to greater simplicity – that’s why our systems are cost effective to install, more reliable and cheaper to run and operate.

Better by design Our unique and innovative technology has been refined over many years and is protected by numerous patents relating to water storage, heat exchange and the networking of communal heating systems.

After research, the best providers of thermal stores and the expertise to design the correct solution for our system was Thermal Integration Limited. We had excellent service from Richard Hanson-Graville, the Technical Manager and his team.

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Thermal Integration powers the showers

The owners of the Old Store Guest House in Halnaker, Chichester are much happier now that they know that their guests won’t be complaining about lack of hot water when taking a shower.

The 200-year-old former bakery and shop has been tastefully converted into a luxury B&B. Each of the seven bedrooms has an en-suite shower room. However, there were major problems with the existing water system – a gravity fed supply from cold water storage tanks to a direct fired gas heater – as it wasn’t able to deliver a good flow of hot water during periods of peak demand.

Thermal Integration is distributed by Specflue who is a leading supplier of renewable heat products and flue systems. It was approached by a previous customer, Jonathan Ellis, of local plumbing and heating contractors, Ellis & Co to put forward a solution to the problem at the guesthouse.

The specification required all seven shower outlets to run at the same time for eight minutes giving a flow rate of 12 litres/ minute; closely followed by a second use of each shower within half an hour. To answer this demand, Thermal Integration specified its domestic hot water rapid recovery system, which Ellis & Co duly installed.

Richard Hanson Graville at Thermal Integration commented: “The answer centred round Thermal Integration’s rapid recovery system for unvented hot water storage, which was coupled with a Grundfos Cold Water booster set and Worcester Bosch 40kw condensing boiler. The unique feature of the system is that it uses the full 40 kilowatt boiler output to provide top down recovery of the cylinder.”

The overall end result has delighted the owners, Patrick and Heather Birchenough. They said: “There were absolutely no problems with the installation which ran very smoothly and the new system has certainly more than met our expectations. We now have copious amounts of hot water with good flow and pressure. We are delighted with both the installation and its performance. We would certainly recommend this system to other people in the same situation as ours.”

Jonathan Ellis explained his reasons for choosing the Thermal Integration system “A like for like replacement would not be able to cope with the high peak demand and the additional boosted flow rate requirements and this was the only option which avoided having to provide excessively large hot water storage tanks.”

“The unique advantage of the Thermal Integration system is that the boiler effectively generates usable hot water, even when the cylinder is under peak load conditions. I was able to reduce the stored hot water volume to a size that would fit the plant room, yet still meet the exacting specification requirements. I trusted the Thermal Integration design team to deliver the solution in every sense and I was impressed by their quick response with their quote, which enabled me to quickly go back to my client and obtain their order to proceed.”

Technically talking, the Thermal Integration unit is a 500 litre invented hot water cylinder, fitted with a 100kw externally mounted plate heat exchanger recovery assembly. The unit is pre-plumbed and pre-wired ready for site connection to the boosted cold water supply, boiler flow and return, and hot water services.

Thermal Integration products are distributed by Specflue.

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When David and Pam Marchant from Newhaven, Sussex, decided to expand their impressive property portfolio to include a large two-bedroom stone cottage in the rural countryside in France, they realised very quickly that one of the first things they would need to invest in was a good quality heating system.

‘Le Moulin de la Fonderie’, which translates in English to ‘The Old Foundry Mill’, comfortably accommodates eight people and nestles in its own 12 acre woodland and four acre lake in Mayenne, where the Loire Valley meets Normandy.

On taking over the property, the main heat source was electric panel convectors, plus a well which was used occasionally. The Marchants quickly realised that a wood burner was not a viable option for the sole heat source as it only heated the one room and the fabric of the building meant it didn’t allow the heat to dissipate around the property. The rural position of the property meant that there were limitations to using LPG, oil and Calor gas.

The result is that the Marchants have invested in a pioneering multifuel Xcel HEATBANK thermal heating system. Manufactured by Thermal Integration and distributed by Specflue, a leading supplier of renewable heat products and flue systems, the HEATBANK provides central heating and hot water and is fuelled by a mixture of wood burner, solar panels and electricity.

As David Marchant commented: “The thermal route looked to be the ideal answer to meet all our ongoing needs, especially given the nature of the property location.”

“Before we made our decision, we visited as many eco and domestic shows as possible and checked boiler and stove manufacturers. Along the way we heard of the HEATBANK and loved the theory, but needed to fully understand the system before we committed to the purchase.”

The Marchants visited the Thermal Integration factory in Suffolk, where Richard Hanson-Graville explained how the system worked, as well as producing a drawing that simplified the process and which, importantly, could be used by the French installers.

David explained: “It was soon apparent that the thermal store was the best option. In a nutshell, it provides both heating and high pressure, high flow hot water, from a variety of renewable heat sources simultaneously. It also stores and manages the heat until we need it.”

The multifuel Xcel HEATBANK is completely futureproof and comes with all thermostats and safety controls, all backed by a 25-year guarantee.

“We had very little time given that we were moving in at the beginning of the autumn and once we agreed to purchase our 275 litre HEATBANK, it was made to
order like a special suit!” Dave continued.

“So, off we went in our van with the HEATBANK and everything else we would need, including radiators, pipes and a powerful Super Demon wood stove. The installation was pretty tricky as the French metric sizes are different from normal metric, and the installer’s command of English was rather limited and he had never seen a HEATBANK.”

“We are making the most of all the free wood we have to hand now and enjoying a constant supply of hot water and central heating via our own natural surroundings. We quickly noticed the significant reduction in our energy bills and are well on the way to self-sufficiency. It’s proved a notable investment,” Dave concluded.

Thermal Integration products are distributed by Specflue.

For further details of Specflue products and services please call 0800 90 20 220, email, or visit

Reaping the rewards of renewable energy

Charles Adams is enjoying not only the convenience of a HEATBANK thermal heating system powered from renewable sources, but also the 25% to 30% savings he is getting on his annual heating bill when compared to using his old oil boiler.

The Adams’ family home is Orchard Cottage in Ware, Hertfordshire, a 500-year-old detached property which used to be a Bed & Breakfast. Charles is the proprietor of Morley Stoves in Ware, a 40-year old business that supplies and installs around 400 wood and multi-fuel
stoves annually.

“Initially, we decided to introduce a wood stove unit with a back boiler to increase the supply of hot water and help reduce our oil usage and the ongoing problems we had with access and cost,” Charles explained.

“This then led me to research the options for heat storage via local specialist installers and, as an existing customer of Specflue, we came across the Xcel HEATBANK.”

The HEATBANK is manufactured by Thermal Integration and distributed by Specflue, a leading supplier of renewable heat products and flue systems. Charles initially took advantage of Thermal Integration’s free online system designer service. This collects all relevant data and allows for an unlimited number of designs and automatically works out costs and savings, carbon footprints and boiler and pump sizes.

Charles continued: “The system designer service not only selects the ideal products and designs the layout, but also generates a quotation and gives you a list of installers who can carry out the work.”

The HEATBANK consists of a high volume stainless steel cylinder with a 495 litre capacity. It provides high flow rates of mains pressure hot water, as well as being a heat source for radiators and underfloor heating. Combined with the oil, the energy produced by the wood burner and solar panels is transferred by a plate heat exchanger system, with the core connection linking in to supply all the water and heating needs.

“As well as the way it links to the wood burner, we love the instant hot water, the flexibility in the summer and the compact footprint. As we get more used to the technology, we know there will be even more cost savings and we truly feel that we are offsetting the energy poverty factor.”

Added benefits of the HEATBANK include the peace of mind provided by the 25-year warranty and that the system generates three times as much hot water per minute as a wall hung gas boiler.

Charles concluded: “I am very happy with the end result and the installers did a very good and clean job. The process from order to installation only took 10 days. Our typical annual oil bills were in the region of £4,000 and I estimate that we will achieve savings of between 25% and 30% per annum, which gives us a rapid and effective payback on our investment.”

Thermal Integration products are distributed by Specflue.

For further details of Specflue products and services please call 0800 90 20 220, email, or visit

The HEATBANK comes to Anglesey

Andrew and June are enjoying their warm and cosy surroundings having installed a pioneering Xcel HEATBANK system at their new home on the island of Anglesey.

When the couple purchased an old farmhouse in the Welsh countryside, they realised they would need to carry out a total renovation of the property and one of their first actions was to sort out the heating and hot water, which were fuelled by open fires and electricity.

Andrew explained: “There was no gas laid on to the property and no central heating. We didn’t want to install an oil-fired boiler or a system that would be fuelled completely by electricity. So we decided to look at the options available to us that would give us flexibility to generate heat and hot water from multiple renewable energy sources.”

Looking to the future, Andrew and June wanted to install a system that would enable them to heat their home as cheaply as possible. As a result, they decided to opt for a ground source heat pump system from Ice Energy.

“One thing we did have was the land to lay the coils for the system,” Andrew continued. “We could also take advantage of a Ground Source Grant, as well as qualifying for the Renewable Heat Initiative where the government rewards installation of green products with a fixed income for every kilowatt-hour of heat produced.”

“The next step was to look at loads of websites and speak to a number of installers and plumbers about storage methods that could be linked to the ground source heat pump. It was in fact Ice Energy who told us about the Xcel HEATBANK thermal heating system.”

Manufactured by Thermal Integration and distributed by Specflue, a leading supplier of renewable heat products and flue systems, the HEATBANK has now been installed in the loft of the farmhouse and provides central heating and hot water using a combination of the ground fuelled heat pump, two wood burning stoves with back boilers and three solar panels.

“I was really impressed with both Specflue and Richard Hanson-Graville from Thermal Integration and their willingness to listen and work to my requirements. Richard was able to advise on the whole system, even on the items not supplied by his company!”

Summing up the benefits of the unit, Andrew concluded: “Quite simply, the HEATBANK does exactly what I had been told it would do. We can use whatever heat is available at the time and it is just as effective when using the wood burners in winter, or on a sunny day using the solar panels.”

Thermal Integration products are
distributed by Specflue.

For further details of Specflue products and services please call 0800 90 20 220, email, or visit

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