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Thermal Integration Offers Training for Heating Engineer Professionals

Are you interested in training for heating engineers? Perhaps you are keen to embark on a heating engineer career or are a professional looking for the right qualifications. In either case, heating engineer training offers a wide range of rewards and prospects in the industry. At Thermal Integration in partnership with Specflue, we offer a range of training programs at our state-of-the-art facilities in Sudbury. So, what sort of training is available and why should you train with us? Here are the reasons why training for heating engineers is important.


Why Choose Training For Heating Engineers?

These are some of the main reasons why heating engineer training is crucial:

  • If you have a passion for heating engineering or already have some relevant skills, then training will help you get the leg up you need.
  • Heating engineering is an always in demand business. Therefore, if you are looking for a stable career then this is a good choice.
  • There are many paths available to becoming a heating engineer, and you can always specialise in the way that best suits you.
  • By becoming qualified as a heating engineer customers will be much more likely to trust your skills and expertise. This will help greatly in the success of your future career.
  • As you become more qualified and experienced, you will find that your average salary increases quickly. A professional heating engineer can expect to earn a significant income overall.
  • With more experience and qualifications comes the chance to start your own business. This is the perfect chance for those who dream of being their own boss.
  • There is a wide variety of work available for heating engineers, so you are unlikely to find yourself stuck in a rut. Also, you will meet new people, visit new places, and work on a variety of projects.
  • As a heating engineer,  you will be able to work flexible hours, giving you more freedom than in either office or retail. This is ideal for those wanting to enjoy a greater work/life balance.
  • Through achieving qualifications and putting in the hard work you will gain a real sense of achievement in your career.

Why Train At Thermal Integration?

At Thermal Integration we have the largest fully approved training centre in the UK for heating related courses. Our learning centre in Sudbury offers a vast range of programs tailored to your individual needs. All our courses are entirely flexible and we can customise them to focus on your most relevant areas. We have an extensive district heating demonstration and test facility with factory building services for those who want to learn hands on. We can also offer on site practical training anywhere in the UK.

Our Training Courses

For district and communal heating engineers here are some of the training courses we can offer:

  • District heating awareness

1-day course to provide an awareness of design principles, commissioning options and network management.

  • District heating design basics

CPD presentation covering the basics of designing for district heating systems, including diversity calculations and a summary of the equipment that can be applied in various situations.

  • District heating installer

2-day course delving deeper into design principles, commissioning options and network management, with practical hands-on training.

We can also create a 1-day version of this course where we go into detail on up to six chosen modules.

  • Explaining modern HIU technology

CPD presentation explaining the features and benefits of modern electronic HIUs, with reference to the latest independent test results for various manufacturers.

  • Storage systems

Thermal store design, Heat bank installation & maintenance, Advanced storage management.

When it comes to training for biomass and solid fuel heating engineers, here are just a few of the great HETAS approved options available:

  • H001 & H002 Retail & Awareness Course

The HETAS Retail and Awareness course is a foundation level course for anyone interested in solid fuel, wood and biomass technology. This course is online via HETAS, please call for details.

  • H003DS Dry Appliance Installer Course

This course is for candidates who wish to install, service and maintain solid fuel appliances. Upon successful completion of the course a training certificate is awarded enabling the cH004 Wet Appliance Installer Course.

This course is aimed at candidates with relevant plumbing and heating competence.

  • H005DE Biomass Installer Course

Biomass appliances and systems are becoming increasing complex. In response to demand from installers, HETAS has introduced the biomass course to enable installers to develop the knowledge and skills required to select, install, commission, service and maintain biomass appliances and to demonstrate the competence required for membership of installer certification schemes.

  • H006 Twin Wall System Chimney Course

The primary purpose of this course is to provide training for the installation and testing of twin wall rigid system chimneys in residential properties. The course covers internal and external installations. In addition, the course also covers system chimney design principles and methods.

  • H008 Dry Pellet Stove Installer Course

This course is aimed at candidates who have completed the H003 Dry Appliance Installer course and who wish to expand their knowledge to include the installation of automated dry pellet stove appliances.

  • H009 Service & Maintenance Course

This course is designed to ensure engineers are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to maintain and service solid fuel appliances services, and has been developed with the three HETAS recognised Chimney Sweep Associations.

  • HETAS Access to Solid Fuel Course

This course is for candidates who wish to install, service and maintain solid fuel appliances, but have had little exposure to the industry, or candidates who think they would benefit from a more practical course.


Thermal Integration, now trading as HEATWEB, offers a wide range of options when it comes to training for heating engineers. To view our range of courses we urge you to visit us online or get in touch with us to find out more.

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