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Thermal Stores

Thermal Stores

Since the 1980s we have been manufacturing both standard and bespoke hot water systems, combining just about every type of heat source there is available to drive central heating and hot water for domestic properties.

Our HEATBANK® thermal store is the original plate heat exchanger system, carrying numrous patents on various features. With over 10,000 installed it is a system proven in terms of reliability and performance.

The Xcel HEATBANK® standardises the whole approach to renewables, providing design features that allow any possible combination of heat sources to be made using a single product.

In its most basic form the thermal store can act as a buffer system, used purely for central heating. Large 1½” bosses allow the largest of domestic wood burners to be comfortably connected using gravity circulation, with numerous other bosses for pumped circuits. Even larger 2¼” bosses provide for immersion heaters as well as retro-fit coils (mainly used for overheat protection). A large 1m² coil is provided as standard for connection of solar panels (or any other pressurised heat source).

One can then add the PHE (plate heat exchanger) option to generate mains pressure hot water to run multiple bathrooms using high pressure mains water, without the need for unvented certification or annual maintenance.

Further options provide fitted controls for the use of boilers of all types (sealed and vented) as well as heat pumps. Control options include pump assemblies, thermostats, programmers and timers,and control valves.

Both radiators and underfloor heating can be run simultaneously, and the thermal store is configured in such a way that low temperature loads (e.g. underfloor heating) can run off low temperature heat sources (e.g. heat pump) while high temperature loads (e.g. radiators) run using higher temperature heat sources (e.g. wood burners or boilers)

The Range

The following is a roundup of our thermal store range.

With so many products, and options, the Product Selector page can be useful filtering the available options with online documentation.  Please remember that 50% of what we build is custom made, and we are always willing to assist or take a lead on design.

A more exhaustive list can be found on the wiki site.



Providing over 100kW of mains pressure hot water, without the need for annual servicing or a discharge pipe, the HEABANK PANDORA is the simplest thermal store there is to install, with as few as two connections. Options to cover just about any heat source and load.  Read more   

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Our most versatile thermal store, with a very extensive array of options. This is the thermal store copied by many, but matched by none. This is the only thermal store that carries the specific approval of most wood burner manufacturers, and it is the only thermal store that carries patented quench coil technologyas an aption, an additional form of biomass overheat protection.   Read more

Heat Interface Units


Advanced domestic thermal storage, providing an easy install pre-fabricated system with twin plate heat exchanger assemblies. The HEATBANK PANDORA requires no discharge pipe or annual maintenance, yet provides very high outputs of hot water, and electric backup of both hot water and central heating. Read more