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Unrivalled performance Our pioneering technology and control systems deliver high precision heat management and unrivalled performance in both domestic and district heating environments.

Best for through-life costs Intelligent design leads to greater simplicity – that’s why our systems are cost effective to install, more reliable and cheaper to run and operate.

Better by design Our unique and innovative technology has been refined over many years and is protected by numerous patents relating to water storage, heat exchange and the networking of communal heating systems.

The relationship between new homes and warehouses has been examined in a report by the British Property Federation.

The report, from March this year, found that there is currently 69 sq ft of warehouse space for every home in England. With the government having an annual target of 300,000 new homes, an additional 20.6m sq ft of warehouse space will be needed every year to keep up.

Futureproofing these buildings with thermal performance

Ensuring that new industrial buildings achieve high levels of thermal performance provides well-recognised energy and cost saving benefits. Energy efficiency criteria is being pushed further than before with standards such as BREEAM and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings. New structures need to meet these requirements, with the necessary higher levels of insulation resulting in thicker walls. The need for thicker walls takes up both internal space for the warehouse, and external space needed for vehicles, so it’s vital that the useable space is maximised.

The need to futureproof the thermal performance of these buildings has seen further development of metal-faced insulation panels that offer a high-performance, yet slim, solution. These panels allow for lighter, thinner constructions that don’t compromise on the thermal transmittance or U-value, ensuring that warehouses keep up high levels of thermal performance while saving useable space.

District heating

District heating takes heat energy from various sources and connects this to consumers through systems of insulated pipes.

There is a growing case for the expansion of these heating networks, with a report by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) suggesting that the use of low carbon fuels could potentially meet nearly half of UK demand while also reducing decarbonisation costs by up to £3 billion.

With the UK now being a net importer of gas, it’s likely that further interest will be generated in district heating as a way to provide better energy security. If carried out correctly, this approach to heating could also bring about carbon reduction, benefits to local economies, and lower fuel bills for consumers.

Several schemes have been introduced to encourage the uptake of district heating, and these are assessed to ensure that the necessary standards are met.

Heating solutions from Thermal Integration

Thermal heating options are a necessity for industrial, commercial and domestic buildings. At Thermal Integration, we design and manufacture pre-plumbed hot water and central heating cylinders, thermal stores, and heat interface units to suit almost any domestic or commercial building.

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