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Unrivalled performance Our pioneering technology and control systems deliver high precision heat management and unrivalled performance in both domestic and district heating environments.

Best for through-life costs Intelligent design leads to greater simplicity – that’s why our systems are cost effective to install, more reliable and cheaper to run and operate.

Better by design Our unique and innovative technology has been refined over many years and is protected by numerous patents relating to water storage, heat exchange and the networking of communal heating systems.

The Fascinating Future of Home Heating

Carbon reduction targets make us reconsider the impact our energy use has on the environment. The way we heat our homes is looking to change in the not so distant future.Efficient Home Heating Systems

The UK is aiming to phase out gas and oil boilers by 2050. Installing them in new homes from 2025 will be illegal. Completely phasing out the main method we have used for heating for decades may seem like a tall order.

What will take its place? There are some interesting ideas in store for the future of home heating.

It has been reported that households need electric or hydrogen boilers. To ensure the country hits these carbon targets at the lowest possible cost. While electricity suppliers are switching to low-carbon sources, the vast majority of homes have a reliance on fossil fuels to heat homes.

According to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the public is largely unaware of the alternatives to traditional methods of heating. So, what are some of the other ways you can continue to heat your home and reduce your carbon footprint?

Thermal Stores

Thermal stores save heat for later use, with the energy from the solid fuel appliance feeding into the thermal store which also provides the water that circulates around the heating system. This means the energy available can be used to power the heating circuit and decreases the dependency on fossil fuels.

At HEATWEB, we’ve been manufacturing standard and bespoke thermal stores since the 1980s. Decades of experience means you can expect the finest quality product and follow-up servicing. An example of one of our thermal stores is the HEATBANK Pandora.

The Pandora can supply potable domestic hot water at up to 10 bar pressure, and flow rates of over 35 litres per minute. It also:

  • Doesn’t require discharge pipes
  • Has smaller primary supply pipework
  • Controls the amount of water heated
  • Has cooler pipework
  • Returns lower temperatures to the boiler
  • Backs up both hot water and central heating with immersion heaters
  • Stores water at atmospheric pressure with a vent to the atmosphere
  • Doesn’t suffer from limescale build-up
  • Supplied with components and controls fitted.

Heat Interface Units

Heat Interface Units (HIUs) provide hot water and heating for domestic properties. Connected to a district heating network with a central boiler. HIUs present the advantage of removing the gas boiler from a property, helping to reduce the dependence on a less efficient method of heating.

The heat networks are only as efficient as the HIUs that they connect to. Which is why we proudly present the UK’s most efficient HIUs. This has been demonstrated through independent testing by DECC and BESA.

Our HIUs offer:

  • Moulded EPP insulation to reduce the rate of heat loss
  • An economy mode that de-activates after a defined period of inactivity
  • An advanced heat exchanger design to further reduce heat loss
  • Unique moulded security clips and caps make it impossible to access the HIU casing and components without breaking.

Enjoy a More Efficient Home Heating System with Our Help

HEATWEB offers both heat interface units and thermal stores for domestic customers to reduce their heating bills and carbon footprint. HEATWEB is the only thermal store manufacturer who is recommended by most wood burner manufacturers. You’ll receive a system designed by some of the industry’s leading experts, who are drawing on the experience of thousands of successful multi-fuel installations. The one-year on-site cover is also provided for extra peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today to get started with your new thermal store or heat interface unit today. Our friendly team is always on hand to help with any questions you have about our products and services. You can also find our heat network calculator here, which is a helpful tool for analysing the efficiency of a district heating network.

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