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Unrivalled performance Our pioneering technology and control systems deliver high precision heat management and unrivalled performance in both domestic and district heating environments.

Best for through-life costs Intelligent design leads to greater simplicity – that’s why our systems are cost effective to install, more reliable and cheaper to run and operate.

Better by design Our unique and innovative technology has been refined over many years and is protected by numerous patents relating to water storage, heat exchange and the networking of communal heating systems.

New Website Launch Announcement

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Heatweb site. We have built our new site to give you quick and easy access to our range of services.

Thermal Integration Announced New Wbbsite Launch June 2021

Read on to find out what our new site will offer you.

Our History

Our story goes back to the early 1980s. George Hanson-Graville, the owner of Hydro Spartan, made advances in coil thermal tech, such as the Spartan ET50/100. In the late 80s, he founded Dedicated Pressure Systems (DPS). DPS built the Heat Bank Thermal Store, the first to replace the coil with plate heat exchangers.

In the 1990s DPS continued to design and install systems in the South East and across the UK. The first website was launched in 1998, and by 2003 DPS had built its own plant in Epsom. DPS also began to use software and electronics in new systems.

In 2011 DPS went into administration and passed their knowledge and expertise to Specflue Ltd, who relaunched as Thermal Integration. The plant was moved to Sudbury and began making new renewable tech.

Since then Thermal Integration and Heatweb have become top names in heating and hot water tech. Our brand also comes with 40 years of knowledge, expertise, training and continued research and design.

Our Products

Over the years we have designed a range of systems for all markets. On our new site you can find:

  • Hot Water Storage Systems – We supply systems that are reliable and easy to install. All units come with vital parts pre-installed for quick and easy set up.
  • Thermal Stores – Draws cold water from the mains through a heat exchanger to supply hot water and heating. Low cost, low upkeep and hygienic.
  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders – Stores pressurised hot water for quick use when needed.
  • Bespoke Heat Storage Design – Whether you need tailored controls or layouts, we can design a system right for your needs.
  • Communal & District Heating Systems – We provide efficient heating units and substations for districts and multiple dwellings.
  • Heat Interface Units – We provide innovative HIUs that supply and control hot water and heating.
  • District Heating Substations – Fitted with open-source control systems that provide high performance for district heating networks.
  • Metering, Monitoring & Control – We provide open-source monitoring and control systems that offer diagnostics, energy management and more.

Service & Maintenance Thermal Stores Bespoke Systems District Heating

Heat Interface Units District Heating Substations Metering, Monitoring & Control

Our Services

As well as our products, we offer support in the following:

  • Extra stock for next day deliveries when vital repairs are needed.
  • Flexible and advanced warranties for service and maintenance plans.
  • Heat Interface Unit Reconditioning.
  • Consultancy for district heating systems.
  • In-house design support so new systems run at their most accurate, effective and efficient.
  • Design support for system modelling, heat loss calculations, pipe sizing, and more, as well as 3D design capabilities.
  • Support for M&E contractors making sure they have all vital details for installation.
  • Online tools that aid measuring and installing. These include storage capacity calculators, cylinder size calculators, expansion vessel sizing, and more.

Our Training

We are the largest fully approved training centre in the UK that covers HETAS and renewables. We offer a range of courses on HIUs, thermal storage, biomass and more. Our training courses include:

  • District Heating Awareness
  • Explaining Modern HIU Technology
  • District Heating Installer
  • Renewable Heat Courses (includes QCF accredited courses).
  • Storage Systems Courses.
  • District Heating Design Basics
  • HETAS Training – Solid Fuel Courses.

For a full list of our courses including details and costs, visit our Training page.

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