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A more efficient way to deliver mains pressure hot water

Thermal Stores quick to install

Quick to install

Patented discharge-free design means our thermal stores can be installed in a fraction of the time of unvented cylinders. They can also be fitted into awkward or tight spaces not suited to conventional systems.

Thermal Stores safer systems

Safer systems with no need for annual servicing

Thermal stores are not pressurised – stored water is at atmospheric pressure with a vent to atmosphere. They are therefore not bound by the safety regulations that apply to pressurised unvented systems.

Thermal Stores high performance

Fantastic performance

Heat exchangers transfer heat extremely quickly, ideal for mains pressure showers and fast filing baths.

Because heat is always stored in the same water, they do not experience the problems of limescale build-up associated with other types of hot water storage system.

Exceptional reliability and performance provided by better technology

A thermal store is a cylinder used to store thermal energy, typically filled with primary central heating water. Increasingly popular in domestic settings, thermal stores operate by drawing mains pressure cold water through a high efficiency heat exchanger to supply heating and high-pressure hot water.

  • Fresh mains water supplied to both hot and cold taps
  • Instant heat and mains pressure hot water
  • Low running costs
  • Fit-and-forget reliability
  • No need for annual servicing
  • No risk of Legionella

For over 25 years, our HEATBANK PANDORA has offered the simplest and quickest way to drop in high performance hot water services for both domestic and new build.

Efficiently combine heat from renewable sources

Our HEATBANK XCEL supports the combination of multiple heat sources, (such as biomass boilers, heat pumps, solar and wood burners) to provide hot water and central heating, making it possible to run domestic properties from a zero-carbon approach.

Low temperature loads such as underfloor heating can run off low temperature heat sources such as a heat pump, while high temperature loads from radiators will be matched to higher temperature heat sources, e.g. wood burners or boilers.

The original and best

Our patented HEATBANK thermal store system is the original plate heat exchanger design, with more than 10,000 installations and proven reliability and performance.


Providing over 100kW of mains pressure hot water. Supplied in a fully prefabricated package. No discharge pipe required, making the PANDORA the simplest in class to install, with as few as two connections.


Highly versatile, perfect for integrating heat from renewable sources. The only thermal store to carry specific approvals from most wood burner manufacturers. Patented quench coil technology as an option, providing additional biomass overheat protection.

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