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Heat Interface Units

SLIM Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

Single Plate Electronic HIU, HW Only

The SLIM HIU is possibly the smallest and most efficient DHW generation unit on the market, using the latest electronicstepper motor controls to provide instantaneous DHW.

A flow sensor allows the electronics to respond rapidly to changes in DHW flow rate, maintaining steady output temperatures with very little fluctuation.

As with all the electronic range of HIUs, the SLIM provides two modes of operation that can be selected at commissioning - a Comfort Mode, where the unit keeps itself hot at all times ready for rapid DHW response, or an Economy Mode, where the unit goes cold after one hour of inactivity. Anti-Legionella functionality is also provided.

The twin wall DHW heat exchanger provides complete protection from cross contamination in the case of a plate failure, thereby meeting the most demanding European regulations.

The unit comes in an attractive EPP casing, with overall dimensions of only 240mm (W) x 420mm (H) x 90mm (D), and remarkably low heat losses of less than 2W.

Suitable for primary temperatures up 120C, and pressures up to 16 bar, with outputs up to 53kW.

As an optional extra the unit can be supplied with metal outer casing.

All connections are bottom entry with union connection for easy installation.

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