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Heat Interface Units

HIFLOW Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

Modular Commercial HIU

To satisfy the demand for higher outputs, the HIFLOW Modular HIUs provide for outputs from 125kW to 1500kW, delivering a mix of hot water, high temperature heating and underfloor heating.

Each module provides for heat transfer between one circuit and another, be it from or to, primary water, stored water, or domestic water, and can be mixed and matched to deliver a specific set of heat transfer requirements from a single set.

The modular nature of the system provides a number of advantages, including high levels of redundancy in the case of a single unit failure, easier handling, and less expensive spare parts.

Each module runs using its own embedded electronics, connecting to each other via WiFi or Ethernet. The modules co-operate to achieve the desired loads, rotating their operation as they go.

At low loads the number of modules used reduces to range-rate automatically, ensuring efficient turbulent heat exchange across the full range of outputs.

Modules are optionally supplied on frame with manifolds for easy connection to services.

Another unique feature (patent pending) is the ability to draw from more than one heat source - a high temperature supply, and a lower temperature supply. This allows the efficient combination of heat pumps, CHP, and boilers to deliver loads at various temperatures while maintaining the efficient operation of each heat source.

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