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Communal Heating Systems for Flats

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant there are many benefits to using communal heating systems for flats. A communal heating system is one that supplies heat to all tenants from a central heat source. This type of system can help cut down energy needs and can also reduce carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy. There are a number of products and services that can help you achieve a reliable heating system. Here are some of the available types of communal heating systems for flats, and their benefits.


Types of Communal Heating Systems

There are five main communal heating systems for flats available:

  • Type One systems are ones that provide heating only. Boilers run for 18 hours each day between 6 am and 12 midnight during the colder months of September through March. The boilers can also be optimised to increase the temperature before 6 am during any sudden cold snaps.
  • Type Two systems provide 18 hours of regular heating until midnight, at which point they shut off. These run on an “optimum start” system that allows them to begin warming up at 3 am ready to provide the ideal temperature at 6 am. Also, they will continue to provide hot water throughout the year.
  • Type Three systems are similar to Type Two except that they do not shut off at 12 midnight. Instead, these systems run at a reduced temperature overnight. These systems also have the optimum start and hot water capabilities found in Type Two systems.
  • Type Four systems do not shut off overnight and are available to run fully for 24 hours. These systems will also continue to offer hot water throughout the year as needed.
  • Type Five systems allow the tenant to have control over the level of heating and hot water in their flat. Tenants receive a heating card when they sign the agreement and can purchase heating credits from the supplier. By inserting the card into the control interface they can use as much credit for heating and hot water as needed.

For systems One through Four you can control the level of heating supplied by adjusting your thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) or room thermostat. A separate thermostat is available for hot water if no storage cylinders are supplied.

Benefits of Communal Heating Systems for Flats

There are several benefits for both landlords and tenants when it comes to communal heating systems for flats. The benefits for tenants include:

  • An efficient and reliable central heating system.
  • Instant hot water from the mains.
  • No need to maintain gas appliances or cylinders.

For landlords the benefits include:

  • The ability to monitor heating usage for each tenant from any location.
  • The ability to control the amount of central heating from anywhere.
  • Instant alerts that can be sent to mobile devices.
  • Free software for monitoring communal heating.


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