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Communal Heating Billing – All You Need to Know!

These days one of the biggest issues that landlords have to deal with is communal heating billing. Many do not have a strategy in place to assess the rates of each tenant and send out separate invoices. However, under the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, it is the responsibility of landlords to correctly meter the heating usage of their tenants. Therefore, how can landlords best comply with this and effectively measure heating? Here is all you need to know about communal heating billing, how it works and how landlords can use it.


How Does Communal Heating Billing Work?

Landlords are required by law to monitor the heating used by each tenant and provide accurate bills accordingly. This can be daunting for individual landlords if they have no knowledge in this field. As such, they will often employ agencies who can assess heating bills on their behalf. The landlord is required to install a meter for each tenant or suitable alternative if a meter is not feasible. From there the landlord will still be responsible for setting tariffs and debt collection. The agency will handle reading the meters and sending out communal heating bills.

The Difficulties of Communal Heating Systems

Communal heating billing can create problems for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, there is the need to know how to assess heating systems as well as how best to install meters. For example, individual wiring is more reliable but costly, while daisy chaining is cheaper but can lead to mass failure. There is also the issue of incorrect readings or failing M-Bus equipment. For tenants, these heating systems can also lead to higher costs. Also, these systems prevent them from being able to choose their own energy supplier.

How HEATWEB Can Help

Here at HEATWEB we can provide expert advice and support on a range of communal heating projects. We offer a range of services including Heat Interface Units and monitoring tools that are perfect for use in communal heating. Right from the design stage, our products will ensure landlords can easily monitor heating use for each tenant. At the same time each tenant will have access to an efficient heating system at a much lower cost overall. With easy user interface and control, system monitoring and more, landlords will be able to provide accurate communal heating billing for all their tenants.


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