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Thermal Integration Ltd

Case Studies

The HEATBANK® Xcel Thermal Store comes to Anglesey

Andrew and June are enjoying their warm and cosy surroundings having installed a pioneering HEATBANK® Xcel system at their new home on the island of Anglesey.

Reaping the rewards of renewable energy

Charles Adams is enjoying not only the convenience of a HEATBANK® thermal heating system powered from renewable sources, but also the 25% to 30% savings he is getting on his annual heating bill when compared to using his old oil boiler.


When David and Pam Marchant from Newhaven, Sussex, decided to expand their impressive property portfolio to include a large two-bedroom stone cottage in the rural countryside in France, they realised very quickly that one of the first things they would need to invest in was a good quality heating system.

Put your trust in Specflue

Given its proud role as the protector and preserver of our green and pleasant land and its aim to generate half its power from renewable sources by 2020, it is only natural that the National Trust would focus on researching and installing the very best renewable energy systems throughout its property portfolio in the UK.

Thermal Integration powers the showers

The owners of the Old Store Guest House in Halnaker, Chichester are much happier now that they know that their guests won’t be complaining about lack of hot water when taking a shower.