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Richard Hanson-Graville MA.Mech.Eng

Second generation designer, coming from a long family history as manufacturers of hot water systems, thermal stores and heat exchange equipment. I was brought up doing CAD drawings for plumbing packs, then going on to Cambridge University to study Engineering on a sponsorship from the MoD's Defense Research Agency, before returning to the family business. I took over the role as MD of dedicated Pressure Systems Ltd in 1999, with a focus on the design on customised thermal stores for new-build and homeowners implementing renewable systems, and a great deal of emphasis put on establishing online software for the design of such systems.

Since the rebirth of DPS in the form of Thermal Integration Ltd, no longer a family business, I have taken the role of technical manager responsible for design and support of all products, with more of a focus put on systems specifically for district heating applications. The implementation of advanced electronic controls, alongside the use of open-source technologies for monitoring and control, have been the main goals of recent years, with our products now recognised through independent testing as the most efficient equipment in the industry.


  • Masters Degree in Engineering (Cambridge University)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Plumbing


Thermal Integration Limited

Technical Manager, Thermal Integration Ltd, March 2011 - Present

Product development of renewable storage systems, communal heating interface systems, solar thermal systems, and pellet boiler systems.

Current products under development include:

  • Latest generation of HIUs (heat interface units) for communal heating.
  • Storage and management systems for bio-fuel (chip fat) CHP systems.
  • Containerised biomass boiler plants.
  • Storage systems for integration of extract air heat pump systems.
  • Commercial hot water generators with intelligent control and monitoring.

Dedicated Pressure Systems Ltd.

Managing Director, January 1995 - February 2011

  • Pioneered development of Heat Bank thermal storage, Amazon unvented hot water systems, and pre-fabricated domestic hot water stores in general. Created Heatweb internet site, providing interactive design tools for hot water and central heating. Launched the Xcel Heat Bank range of thermal stores for integration of renewable technologies in domestic properties.
  • Contributing author in the Institute of Plumbing's (now the CIPHE) Plumbing Engineering Services Design Guide, authoring sections on Thermal Storage and Plate Heat Exchangers, having been a fellow of the Institute for over 10 years.
  • Technology Leaders in Multifuel Thermal Store Hot Water Systems, utilising Solar, Wood, Biomass, Gas, Oil, and Heat Pumps.

UK Ministry of Defence

Fast Track Engineering Sponsorship, October 1990 - August 1995

Placements at various establishments for training in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering including RSRE Malvern and DRA Chertsey.