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Pipe Sizing in District Heating, Episode 1
Pipe Sizing in District Heating, Episode 2

We believe the best way to learn is via examples. It is also one of the key problems with current guidance - they lack any full examples. If they had a few then the holes in the logic would quite quickly become apparent.

Some of the calculations are editable. This is for 3rd party input, so feel free to add to the sheets any notes or calculations that are helpful to others.

Please contact us with any requests for new example calculations.

Pipe Selection

This section is dedicated to providing a best practice example of pipework for 480 properties split into 10 risers (or buildings). Known calculations and standards are combined with results from EST studies on water consumption. Calculations included:

  • Domestic hot water (DHW) diversity
  • Central heating (CH) diversity
  • Pressure drops
  • Thermal losses
  • Erosion rates
  • Buffer sizing
  • Boiler sizing
  • Carbon footprint

Main Technical Article on Pipework Calculations


Pipework8.xlsx (latest version)




Google Sheets


The following spreadsheet is currently editable by anyone.