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Heat Interface Units

DATA Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

Our next generation intelligent HIUs provide:

  • The ability to network with other intelligent heat interface units, working as a team to improve system efficiency and reduce peak primary system load by as much as 25%
  • Web based data logging and controls enable remote commissioning and
    fault diagnosis
  • Small enough to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Up to 75kW Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and 20kW Central Heating (CH) outputs
  • Primary return temperature limited to a maximum of 30°C (DHW only)
    Heat loss from casing <50W
  • Dimensions: 490mm W x 271mm D x 640mm H 

The DATA provides domestic hot water and central heating in properties connected to a district heating system using a central boiler.

It is easiest to think of the DATA as a combination boiler, running off heat from large pipes throughout the development, rather than a gas supply in each apartment. Occupants are charged for units of heat, rather than units of gas, and the charge is calculated by a heat meter which measures energy use. The DATA is the next generation of Heat Interface Units, that deliver the benefits outlined above but are also capable of communicating with each other, with the occupant and with the buildings computerised management systems; enabling greater efficiency throughout the entire system and greater control over the function of the unit. The designers at Thermal Integration have been at the forefront of HIU technology for over twenty years, and the DATA (Intelligent Heat Interface Unit) is built on this experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Inter-networking of all DATA units within a development to enable site wide adjustments to match
    loads to primary circuit heat availability
  • Web based interface and online dashboard for remote commissioning, monitoring, control
    adjustments, performance visualisation, fault detection and diagnosis
  • Compact design with no need for clearance either side for servicing. Allowance made for
    extra options, yet small enough to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Instantaneous hot water up to 70kW (at 60kPa Primary Differential Pressure)
  • Indirect central heating up to 20kW
  • Range rated outputs, using specifically sized plate heat exchangers for increased or decreased outputs
  • Primary return temperatures can be limited
  • Sensors for temperature, pressure and flow rate allow the system to monitor performance and detect
    fault conditions locally, or on the district heat network
  • The latest stepper motor valve technology allows the system to react rapidly, thereby
    maintaining accurate control over domestic hot water temperatures
  • Pre-install plumbing jig complete with isolation valves to allow pipework on site to be completed prior
    to the final installation of the unit
  • Primary circuit trickle flow can be set to maintain heat within the unit. When in Economy Mode it
    allows the unit to go cold following one hour of inactivity, preventing unnecessary use of metered energy
  • Insulated removable PPM casing with less than 50 Watts standby heat loss; ensures the unit can be
    maintained at temperature with little impact of metered energy use
  • Sterilisation programme raises the DHW temperature periodically; preventing build-up of
    Legionella bacteria
  • Built-in security feature for landlord isolation
  • Pump exercise function
  • Site specific factory calibration of controls to predefined settings
  • Customised connections top/bottom (standard connections:-primary flow & return, MCW
    top /central heating flow & return, DHW bottom)
  • WRAS approved (components)


  • Various heat meter and billing options
  • Wireless heat metering compatible with on-board or aftermarket billing systems
  • WiFi and Ethernet enabled with roaming 3G capability
  • Battery back-up to enable isolation even during periods of power cut
  • Patented anti-tamper security fixings on casing and heat meter
  • Secondary hot water recirculation pump
  • External air and dirt separation
  • Built-in water hammer arrestor
  • Stainless steel pipework
  • External cold water meter